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Quality Assurance Policy

Knockhundred Translations is proud to adhere to BS EN 15038 Standard for Translation Services.


All translation work is conducted by native speakers of the target language.

All translation work is conducted by highly qualified translators. We ensure that each individual project is undertaken by the most suitable translator whose educational and professional background is the most appropriate to the project in hand. 

Our translators are given a ranking based on their performance against key performance criteria: accuracy, consistency, knowledge of subject terminology, formatting and completeness. They are re-evaluated regularly to ensure high standards.

As a minimum, our translators:

  • must have a relevant first degree, postgraduate qualification or corresponding qualification
  • are able to demonstrate a number of years full time work in an appropriate field.

Simultaneous interpreting

Our simultaneous interpreters must be able to supply evidence relating to skill in:

  • a native tongue
  • a language other than the interpreter’s native language, of which he or she has a perfect command and into which he or she works from one or more of his or her other languages
  • any languages of which the interpreter has a complete understanding and from which he or she works.

Consecutive interpreters

Our consecutive interpreters must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 200 days relevant work over a period of five years.

British Sign Language interpreters

British Sign Language interpreters must have a recognised BSL qualification and abide by the code of conduct as specified by the Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People.

Translation software

Our translators use the latest translation memory software, which gives them access to a unique and constantly growing database of preferred terminology for each individual client.

Project Managers

Our experienced project managers use our customised project management system to ensure efficient and consistent workflow.


Knockhundred Translations safeguards the confidentiality of both present and former clients at all times.