Rebecca Swinton.

Project Manager.

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My name is Rebecca and I’m a project manager at Knockhundred Translations.

I’ve always loved learning languages and decided this is what I wanted to study at university. I studied French and Italian at the University of Glasgow and carried on my studies completing my MSc in Translation Studies in 2021. When I have spare time, I enjoy creating subtitles (English or French) for TED Talks where I learn new things about a variety of interesting topics.

My favourite holiday destination would probably be France because I studied the language and enjoy meeting people and conversing in French, discovering new things. There are some beautiful places, but I absolutely love the Ardéche “département” which is where I spent my year abroad.

One of my favourite books is “All You Can Ever Know: A Memoir” by Nicole Chung. Exploring themes of race, motherhood, identity, and all kinds of family, this is a moving story about the author’s experience growing up as a transracial adoptee and searching for her birth family.

One of the great things about working in the language industry is discovering new languages and cultures.  It’s always fun when you try and pick up a word or two from a new language!

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