Czech interpreting and translation in Devon

Czech Interpreting in Devon

Knockhundred Translations offers professional Czech interpreting services and fully qualified Czech interpreters across Devon.

We have Czech interpreters in the vicinity of Dartmouth, Exeter, Torquay, Totnes, Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Plymouth, Paignton, Tiverton, Newton Abbot, Tavistock and throughout Devon.

We offer several different types of interpreting in Czech – you can get more information on our interpreting services page.

All our Czech interpreters are suitably qualified and have been vetted by our Project Managers at our head office. Often they also have an individual specialist subject knowledge.

If you need a Czech interpreter with a particular level of clearance such as a DBS Enhanced Certificate, Police clearance or a Home Office Counter Terrorist check, just let us know and we will arrange the closest available interpreter for you.

Above all, our Czech interpreters are experienced in rendering the message clearly and accurately!

Please do get in touch if you need more info.

Czech Translation in Devon

Knockhundred Translations offers professional Czech translation services and fully qualified Czech translators across Devon.

We provide Czech translators in Dartmouth, Exeter, Torquay, Totnes, Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Plymouth, Paignton, Tiverton, Newton Abbot, Tavistock and throughout Devon.

Knockhundred Translations offers many different translation services in Czech, including websites, legal documents, financial material, technical material, medical material, subtitles, books, advertising and marketing material.

Our Czech translators only translate into their mother tongue. They also have specialist subject knowledge so they can combine linguistic skill with expertise in the subject area. This combination means translations are both technically accurate and culturally astute.

Knockhundred Translations provides translation and interpreting services in over 190 languages besides Czech. You can see a full list of languages that we interpret and translate here.

You can get a quotation and approve the costs and schedule, then contact us for payment details. It couldn't be simpler or more efficient!

Do you have a Czech certificate or official document that needs translating and/or certifying?

If you live in Devon, we can help with your Czech certified document translation requirements. Visit our certified, notarised or FCO legalised translation page for more information.

Quite interesting facts about the Czech language

Czech is one of the West Slavic languages. It shares similarities with other Slavic languages, such as Polish or Russian, but it was also influenced by Latin and German. Furthermore it is mutually intelligible with its neighbouring language – Slovak language. Czech influence on language has made it to English with several words including dollar, pistol, polka and robot.

Czech sample text

„Možná se ptáte, o jaké republice sním. Odpovídám: o republice samostatné, svobodné, demokratické, o republice hospodářsky prosperující a zároveň sociálně spravedlivé, zkrátka o republice lidské, která slouží člověku, a proto má naději, že i člověk poslouží jí. O republice všestranně vzdělaných lidí, protože bez nich nelze řešit žádný z našich problémů – lidských, ekonomických, ekologických, sociálních a politických.“
(I dream of a republic independent, free, and democratic, of a republic economically prosperous and yet socially just; in short, of a humane republic that serves the individual and that therefore holds the hope that the individual will serve it in turn. Of a republic of well-rounded people, because without such people it is impossible to solve any of our problems — human, economic, ecological, social, or political.)
-Vaclav Havel

Courtesy of Omniglot

Czech example video

This is intended as a language sample video - the subtitles/captions were not created by Knockhundred Translations.
You can find more information on our subtitling services here
And lastly, a Czech proverb

Jablko nepadne daleko od stromu.
The apple does not fall far from the tree.