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Community Interpreting Courses

We are a recognised Learning Centre and can offer accredited Level 3 Community Interpreting Courses.

We have previously run face-to-face courses but now want to develop an online version of the course so that students can enrol regardless of geographic location.

We would like to hear from you if you would be interested in enrolling on an e-learning version of the accredited community interpreting course. Please email us with your contact details. We can then inform you when the course is up and running.

Complete our survey

To help us gauge the level of interest in an online community interpreting course, please do complete our survey. We promise you it's very short and will not take more than a couple of minutes of your time – see link to survey on right-hand-side of this page.

Please email us your contact details BEFORE completing the survey - this is most important!


worcestershiremira"The ability to present necessary documentation and resources given short notice (two months) is very telling when it comes to appreciating the depth and breadth of the services provided by Knockhundred Translations. Knockhundred has proved to be a highly professional and efficient training provider. The depth of resources, adaptability and consummate professionalism in approaching the task are the clear strengths of the company. Therefore, I am confident in recommending the services of Knockhundred Translations Ltd to any organisation which intends to train Community Interpreters."


"This course has helped me tremendously to improve upon my work in school and improve my future employment prospects. In conclusion I have enjoyed this course because it has opened a whole new world for me. It has given me the confidence to consider other options in interpreting and translating."

A Ford

"This course has broadened my intellectual horizons, equipped me with useful techniques to address language tasks, and given me an excellent platform for career advancement."

"We had a great opportunity to visit the Magistrate’s Court and see an interpreter working in the court. We also met a Magistrate, who told us many interesting things about his work and the role of an interpreter in court. This was very interesting session."

M Sowka

"Today I started to journey to becoming a freelancer. It is a bit scary and exciting at the same time. I have to come up with an action plan to be able to succeed. Once again it only proves that it requires a lot of time and sacrifice to make it in this field and become a real pro. I’d better get to work quickly. Next step CV and Action Plan."

T Hojnacki

"This course has prepared me for the role of a community interpreter in three areas as it has helped me understand the code of conduct, structure as well as terminology in public services and different interpreting techniques. In conclusion, this course helped me understand the role of a public service interpreter, the importance of formal qualifications as well as my strengths, my professional approach and ability to listen and convey the message."

J Polaskova

"During this course I had the opportunity to practise all the skills I have been learning and met people who are already interpreting in both the public and private sector. Really enjoyed the course, and I think it adds another asset to my portfolio and increases my chances of career progression."

V Silconoka

"Now that I have a better understanding of the structure and processes of the public sector, I feel more confident in choosing which sectors I would like to work in future. I would like to work in Health, Social Services, and when I become qualified, I would like to work in the Courts/Legal sector."

S Vaivode