Japanese Transcription and Translation from Audio or Video

by Knockhundred Admin
Japanese Transcription and Translation from Audio or Video

We receive a significant number of requests for both Japanese transcription and direct translation from audio or video material. The reason for the requests varies wildly! We work with research institutes, universities, production companies and independent filmmakers on projects which involve either Japanese to Japanese transcription or alternatively Japanese to English direct translation from audio (or just as frequently) from video. Our clients’ demands are as varied as the material for transcription, which makes our job both interesting and at times really challenging.

Market research companies often contact us to commission Japanese transcription and sometimes Japanese direct translation of recorded interviews. These may be related to the retail sector (to monitor consumer reactions to a project). Alternatively, they are sometimes related to drugs and pharmaceutical research, which demands specialist medical knowledge.

Postgraduate researchers from various universities also sometimes need their research findings to be transcribed in Japanese (or possibly translated into English). These can cover just about any topic, depending on the area of research or specialism.

Finally, production companies and independent filmmakers may contact us with documentary footage, filmed in Tokyo, where they require either a direct translation from Japanese into English with time-codes, or alternatively, where the material actually needs subtitling. While this can be linguistically and technically challenging, our linguists usually enjoy this kind of work, as the content can be really interesting.

Irrespective of our clients’ needs, we’re always there to help

Should you require our help with Professional Direct Japanese Transcription and Translation Service from Audio or Video Files please do not hesitate to contact us.