Polish Medical/Pharmaceutical Translation

by Knockhundred Admin
Polish Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

At Knockhundred Translations we are often asked to translate medical or pharmaceutical material into Polish.

The variety of requests is pretty staggering. This can be anything from summaries of product characteristics (SmPCs), to package leaflets (PILS), to material for market research.

Where a medical device is to be used in Poland, our clients will need top-notch word-perfect translations, to ensure that the copy communicates everything exactly and the relevant doctors are able to understand the manuals for the device. In other situations, a product manufacturer may need to be authorised to market their products. In these situations, the medical or pharmaceutical text will be carefully and painstakingly translated, to ensure nothing is ‘lost in translation’.

At other times we may be approached by a private individual, who needs their medical notes translated. They may even need a Polish interpreter for a medical appointment, which is yet another service we offer!

Whether we’re working with big business or with individuals, we’ll always do our absolute best to deliver accurate translations in record time. If you would like to learn more about our Polish medical and pharmaceutical translation service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.