Direct translation from audio or video to English

by Knockhundred Admin
Direct translation from audio or video to English

Interviews are one of the most common methods used in qualitative research. Many researchers believe that face-to-face interviews are the closest to the ideal standard, or the assumed best mode in which to conduct interviews. These interviews are standardly transcribed or translated.

Qualitative researchers have evolved their methods continually, often due to technological breakthroughs that have enabled them to collect, analyse or present data. There is a large number of research projects based on conducting interviews via telephone or in person, and these interviews are recorded and then transcribed. Sometimes, these interviews are conducted and recorded in languages other than English, and then these interviews need transcribing and translating. Here at Knockhundred we can help you with just that. We have plenty of experience transcribing or translating audio and video interviews directly from the file.

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