The necessity for document translation

The necessity for document translation

The uncertainty following the Brexit vote has prompted many people to look at how best to secure their futures here in the UK.

The consequences and aftermath of Brexit is yet to be seen and experienced, but many people are already applying for passports in order to help retain freedom of movement. Many British people are of course married to citizens from other EU countries, and there has therefore been a huge increase of enquiries with the relevant embassies to check on their or their children’s eligibility to apply for foreign passports.

Making the application can be a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare

It is possible that translations of your documents will be required, and that these translations will need to be certified or notarised. If you require your documents to be translated, certified or notarised, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our team will do their best to help you. We can also arrnage to get your documents including translated passports FCO legalised. You can phone us or get in touch us using our main contact form