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Digital Media Services

These days, Knockhundred is at the heart of the digital media sector, offering specialist language services for a wide variety of clients, including film, TV and digital media production companies.

Knockhundred is highly adept and experienced at handling digital media services and projects in digital formats.

We work for many independent film and TV companies, the BBC, Sky News and Channel 4, plus digital media projects for cinema, TV, DVD and numerous online assignments.

The vast majority of our files for translation are presented to us in digital format, and we supply the professional translation back to our clients in digital format as well. But that's not all...

Digital transcription services

A large proportion of our work is concerned with digital transcription (and often the translation of the resulting transcripts) and translations for the film, TV and media industries. Many of these translations and transcripts are destined for digital media subtitling.

If you wish, you can read more here about our UK transcription services for DVD, digital production companies, film and TV or read more about our foreign language digital transcription services.

Digital subtitling services

We also offer our own end-to-end subtitling service. If you would like more information about Knockhundred's subtitling services, please view our main subtitling services page – from here, you can navigate to each of our language-specific subtitling pages.

Our subtitling services are either in English or any number of dozens of other languages from across the globe. For a full list of languages offered by Knockhundred, please see our language list page.

We are highly experienced at managing large amounts of digital audio and video material – last year, we transcribed over 2,000 hours of BBC video footage for one single project. We currently transcribe thousands of hours of digital material every year, and into dozens of different languages.

Speech processing technology

We are currently completing a project in multiple languages for speech processing technology (digital files to be transformed into speech). The process can often involve the use of digital coding where transcripts are digitally tagged ready for conversion from speech to text. If you'd like more information on this service, please contact us.

PM systems for digital media projects

Where necessary, we are more than happy to set up and manage bespoke digital project management systems for transcription, subtitling and digital media translation projects. For example, we are used to setting up dedicated servers to handle very large quantities of digital material with custom-built project management systems to assist in tracking and ultimate delivery for clients across the UK, Europe and beyond.