In consecutive or face-to-face interpreting, the interpreter provides the interpretation of a complete message/sentence immediately after the source contributor has finished speaking.

"Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the interpreter from this morning.
He arrived in plenty of time, was very professional and polite, I gave him a brief overview of my intentions and our procedure, he was very good in the two interviews explaining exactly what the interviewees had said (I know this is the whole point, but it doesn’t always happen), he seemed very much at ease with the situation and as a result of all this the interviews flowed really well. He even took the time after the interviews to explain to me the complexities of the Tamil naming structure which really helped me understand my case under investigation. All in all, a really good service."
Thurrock Council

Assuming this type of interpreting is suitable for your needs, there are many advantages in opting for this mode. For example, the full meaning of the source language messages may be understood before the interpreter renders it to the target language. This encourages a very high degree of accuracy.

It should be noted that this form of interpreting, by its very nature, does increase the duration of a meeting.

Our qualified and vetted interpreters each have their own area of specialisation. They are experienced in rendering the message clearly and accurately.

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