Lip speaking services

Lip speaking

Some deaf and hard-of-hearing people visually interpret the movements of the lips, face and tongue of people talking as a method of communication.

Our experienced lip speakers will repeat everything that is said at a meeting, clearly and silently so that the deaf person can lip read what is being said. They may also use finger spelling and some gestures.

Working with a lip speaking interpreter

You’ll need to tell us how many lip reading and hearing people will be present and how long the event is likely to last. This may affect how many interpreters you will need. If you have any background documentation or notes that can be supplied before the meeting, this is always appreciated by our interpreters.

Should you require the services of one of our lip speakers, we recommend that you allow some time before the meeting so that the lip speaker and reader can familiarise themselves with each other’s use of language.

Please note that fully trained and professional lip speakers are scarce in the UK. For that reason, you should give us as much notice as possible if you need to book an interpreter.

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