Proofreading & editing

Proofreading & editing

Any copy, whether in hardcopy format or online should be proofread before being published. This rule applies to text in any language. Our experienced proofreaders have an eye for detail and a perfectionist’s pleasure in getting it right.


Our proofreaders can either compare the translation against the source text, or proofread the translation without reference to the source text. The proofreader will consider spelling, consistency, coherence, check names, figures and symbols, grammar, punctuation and check for omissions.


Working in over 190 languages, our experienced editors will review and amend a document by making additions, deletions or other changes to ensure the text reads well and conveys the right message.

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Our Services:

We are proud to say we offer translation, interpreting and many other language services across the UK and internationally.

The number of language services we offer increases every week - please get in touch to let us know your requirements.

About Us:

Knockhundred Translations is a can-do, no nonsense full language service provider, with a team of professional and experienced project managers who are friendly and efficient.

We will take the time to understand your requirement, walk you through the different options and manage your project from start to finish.

Quality Assurance:

Our reputation within the industry has been built on quality of service, quality of output and understanding of the remit. We have a bespoke project management system in place to deal with the diverse requirements of our wide client-base. We also have a very fine team of project managers dedicated to managing your project from beginning to end.