Subtitles & Captions

Subtitles & Captions

Knockhundred provides subtitling services in over 190 languages for cinema, TV, online material, DVD, video, video games, computer games and corporate CD-ROMS. We can also provide captions and captioning services (including closed captions) for those people who are deaf or hard of hearing. These captions will usually contain descriptions of non-dialogue audio (such as laughter or a door slamming).

Whatever type of subtitles you require, you can rely on Knockhundred Translations for an experienced and proficient service. Take a look at our list of satisfied clients to see what they say about our subtitling and other language services.

We also of course provide English subtitling services to a huge range of clients across the globe.

The art of subtitling

Subtitlers translate and formulate subtitles according to the rhythm of the film as defined by the cuts, the rhythm of the speakers' speech and the audience's reading rhythm.

Our professional subtitling services are designed to provide textual versions of dialogue in English or other languages.

The process of subtitling

Using subtitling software, we can provide subtitles in virtually any language and produce the end result in most industry-standard formats such as plain text, Word, HTML, Final Cut Pro XML, Spruce STL or Subrip (srt). If you don't see the format you need, just ask, as we may still be able to help. The subtitlers will identify exact positions where each subtitle should appear and disappear. These markers are usually identified by precise time codes/frames dependent on the service you require.

The process of captioning

The process of captioning is much the same as for producing subtitles. The main difference is that the resulting captions will often contain descriptions of sound as well as a direct transcription of the speech.

Transcription and translation for film and TV

We regularly translate film and documentary clips providing a finished transcription with time codes ready for subtitles to be created. We are more than happy to produce finished srt subtitle files if you'd prefer. 

One-step media translation from video for subtitles

If your source video is in one language and you require the subtitles to be in another, our linguists will provide a direct translation into the relevant language and produce time-coded subtitles in a suitable format.

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