Certified translation, notarised and FCO legalization

Certified translation, notarised and FCO legalization

Many translations of documents and certificates need to be notarised or certified before they will be accepted as “true” translations. Our translators regularly translate birth, death and marriage certificates, educational qualification certificates and other “official” documents.

The types of certification and notarisation

We are able to offer three types of certified translation. It is important that you check with the appropriate authority which type of certification they will accept.

The first type of certification comes in the form of a letter printed on Knockhundred’s letterhead certifying that, as a professional translation company, Knockhundred has undertaken the translation.

The second type of certification is where the translation is stamped and signed by a Notary Public, (sometimes referred to as a "legalised translation").

The third type of certification is when authorities require some notarised documents to be further certified/legalised by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

Please note that we are only able to certify and notarise translations that have been completed by us.

Requesting certification or notarisation

If you have a document you need to be certified or notarised, simply get in touch with Knockhundred and we will be happy to advise you and provide you with a competitive quotation.

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