Translation of legal documentation

Translation of legal documentation

Our specialist legal translators work for a wide range of legal and associated professions. Solicitors, courts, police stations, prisons, accountants, public sector organisations, EU organisations, businesses and individuals have all used our services.

"Knockhundred always provides a fast, efficient and competitively priced translation service, which is why I am happy to continually instruct them."
S Turner, Notary Public

Our legal translators translate letters, certificates, statements, audits, contracts, patents, summons, and other legal papers. Our vetted translators specialise in different areas of law or types of legal documentation, so you can be sure that the right specialist will be assigned to the work.

Many translations of documents and certificates need to be notarised or certified before they will be accepted as “true” translations. To find out more, visit Certified and Notarised Material Translation.

As well as offering a professional and confidential legal translation service, Knockhundred also has available a team of legal transcribers in a wide range of languages. Find out more about our transcription service.

Confidentiality during the translation process

As part of our contract with you, we and our linguists are required to keep all material confidential that is not in the public domain. We are also happy to sign more specific confidentiality agreements if required.

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