Public sector translation service

Public sector translation service

Working in over 190 languages, our translators translate for many organisations in the public sector including councils, schools, hospitals, government bodies, housing associations, ambulance services, fire services, police forces and EU organisations.

"Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the interpreter from this morning.
He arrived in plenty of time, was very professional and polite, I gave him a brief overview of my intentions and our procedure, he was very good in the two interviews explaining exactly what the interviewees had said (I know this is the whole point, but it doesn’t always happen), he seemed very much at ease with the situation and as a result of all this the interviews flowed really well. He even took the time after the interviews to explain to me the complexities of the Tamil naming structure which really helped me understand my case under investigation. All in all, a really good service."
Thurrock Council

"The ability to present necessary documentation and resources given short notice (two months) is very telling when it comes to appreciating the depth and breadth of the services provided by Knockhundred Translations. Knockhundred has proved to be a highly professional and efficient training provider. The depth of resources, adaptability and consummate professionalism in approaching the task are the clear strengths of the company. Therefore, I am confident in recommending the services of Knockhundred Translations Ltd to any organisation which intends to train Community Interpreters."

We understand that public sector organisations have a duty to find the best quality service and level of expertise at the very best price. We can offer this thanks to our adherence to Service Level Agreements, our competitive pricing and our Quality Assurance policy.

Our project management team are happy to establish key performance indicators at the start of any project, provide full details of compliance and will encourage feedback about every project undertaken.

We have detailed disaster recovery procedures and confidentiality agreements in place with its suppliers. Our customised project management system means all translations can be tracked, and our state-of-the-art equipment means that we can handle almost all formats.

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