Translation and transcreation of marketing material

Translation and transcreation of marketing material

We work with a lot of creative marketing and advertising companies providing other language versions of adverts, strap lines/end lines, tag lines, concepts, posters, brochures, slogans, online content, tv scripts and radio scripts. Our task is to deliver the message irrespective of language and culture.

"Thank-you and your team very much for your speedy help on what is a very tight deadline.

Just wanted to say thanks! It was an enormous load off my mind to know it was all (back) safe and sound."

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Translation of advertising, PR and marketing material

If required, our specialist translators can provide a faithful translation of the original source copy.  During this process, the linguists will of course take into account localisation and cultural factors to ensure the material is just as appropriate to its new audience as it was to its original audience.

Our translators’ experience in this sector means you will be able to use marketing material that’s as effective in the target language as it is in the original language.

Transcreation of advertising, PR and marketing material

Transcreation is the creative adaption of copy in the target language, so the text will be completely re-written in a foreign language.  We have a team of copywriters specialising in transcreation and adaption working in over 100 markets.

As part of the process, it will be important for us to understand your communication objectives as the meaning of the original message will change in the foreign language version, but the persuasive effect must remain as forceful.

All transcreations are reviewed by another linguist, and are back-translated. Any number of draft versions can be supplied for your feedback and comments until we get it just right.

Brand name linguistic analysis

Because some brand names and slogans have unexpected cultural connotations, we also have an experienced team of brand checking analysts. They can ensure your logo or slogan will not be misinterpreted. Find out more about our brand name linguistic analysis service.

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