Sango Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

We offer a full Sango medical translation service with fully qualified professional Sango medical translators. They have a huge breadth of experience and knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Professional Sango medical and pharmaceutical translation services

Our professional Sango medical translators only translate into their mother tongue. They also have specialist subject knowledge so they can combine linguistic skill with expertise in the subject area. This combination means translations are both technically accurate and culturally astute. Your completed Sango medical translation will be returned on time, within budget and in the agreed format.

Your completed Sango medical translation will be returned on time, within budget and in the agreed format.

Some of our Sango medical and pharmaceutical translation services
  • Translation of Sango medical or pharmaceutical documents
  • Sango medical website translation and localisation
  • Sango translation of research papers
  • Sango medical transcreation services
  • Sango translation of information leaflets, labels and packaging translation, including dosage and instructions on use
  • Sango translation of consultation and doctors' reports and records
  • Sango translation of protocols
  • Sango translation of medical books
Confidentiality during the translation process

As part of our contract with you, we and our Sango translators are required to keep all material confidential that is not in the public domain. We are also happy to sign more specific confidentiality agreements if required.

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Sango (also spelled Sangho) is a creole language in the Central African Republic and the primary language spoken in the country. It is an official language of the Central African Republic, making the Central African Republic one of the few African countries with an indigenous language as an official language. It is used as a lingua franca across the country and had 450,000 native speakers in 1988. It also has 1.6 million second language speakers. The creole is based on the Northern Ngbandi language. It was used as a trade language along the Ubangi River prior to French colonisation in the 1880s. In colloquial speech 90% of the language's vocabulary is Sango, whereas in more technical speech French loanwords constitute the majority.


Adü âzo kûê yamba, ngâ âla lîngbi terê na lêgë tî nëngö-terê na tî ângangü. Ala kûê awara ndarä na börö-li sï âla lîngbi tî dutï na âmbâ tî âla gï na lêngö söngö.

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Sango example video
AND LASTLY, A Sango proverb

Béafrica, Kodro ti zo kwé zo.