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Website Translation Services and Localisation

mandm"Knockhundred translated all the product descriptions for our website translation and localisation. Can I say thank you very much for being so easy to work with, responsive, helpful and on time."

M and M Direct Ltd

Millions of people worldwide use the internet to find products and information every day. If your business trades worldwide, you’ll probably need your website to reflect that by having it translated into several languages. We call this process website translation and localisation.

We can offer a whole range of professional website translation services and localisation, plus software localisation services, including:

  • website translation services and website localisation
  • translation and software localisation

Our project managers can help you decide which website translation services and localisation solutions suit your needs best.

Website localisation and translation

Working from your source files and using our specially designed software, our qualified and experienced website translators and website localisation specialists will extract the content of your site, translate it in a style appropriate to the locale, then proofread and edit it. If you prefer, we can also work from MS Word files supplied by you, (or any number of other source file formats).

We can handle all European languages, Asian languages and even bi-directional languages such as Hebrew or Arabic. Whatever website translation services and localisation you need, we are confident we can help - just contact us and we'll talk you through the options.

Our translators will identify aspects of the source content that are suitable for website localisation and consider aspects including:

  • religion
  • mores
  • social and commercial habits
  • sense of humour
  • idiomatic expressions
  • metaphors
  • rules of conduct
  • ethical norms.

There may be some aspects of your website translation and other material that are global and necessary for brand awareness. There may be product names or trademarks that need to remain consistent across all language versions. The project manager working on your assignment will work with you to create a glossary of any terms that need to remain consistent across all versions of the site.

Translation and software localisation

Our in-house software translation and localisation process and tools means “local” users will be able to interact fully with your site.

  • Keywords and metadata tags can be localised to achieve best possible optimisation opportunities
  • Layout can be adapted to accommodate longer text strings which may occur as a result of translation
  • All elements can be localised including text files, menus, dialogs, bitmaps and icons
  • We can handle all European languages, Asian languages and even bi-directional languages such as Hebrew or Arabic
  • We can work with all the major Windows software formats as well as text files and tagged formats such as XML and HTML
  • Our software allows us to check the software localisation after the process to detect any missing translations, missing or multiple access keys, truncated or overlapping text elements in dialogs

We can either returned the translated files to you for uploading and testing, or we can carry out a test of the localised version for you.

Website translation services in virtually any language

We offer...

  • French website translation
  • German website translation
  • Spanish website translation
  • Portuguese website translation
  • Italian website translation
  • Chinese website translation (Mandarin and Cantonese)
  • Russian website translation

...and translation and website localisation in up to 190 languages, either translated from English or into English or various other languages. For a complete list of the languages we offer, please look at our languages page. Or you can read more about...

Brand name linguistic analysis

Because some brand names and slogans have unexpected cultural connotations, we also have an experienced team of brand name analysts. They can ensure your logo, slogan or other translations will not be misinterpreted. Find out more about our brand name linguistic analysis service.

Status Instruments"We approached Knockhundred Translations Ltd to translate a range of our technical data sheets, user manuals and website translation and localisation into German.  They responded quickly and efficiently, and seemed to understand our requirements.  Feedback from our German colleagues has been positive regarding the standard of work supplied. We’d certainly recommend Knockhundred and plan to use them for any future localisation requirements."

Status Instruments

QCWebsites Ltd"We needed Arabic website translation services for one of our client’s websites. Knockhundred were very helpful in every respect, from offering valuable guidance on versioning for different cultures to turning the work round incredibly quickly. We would certainly use them again and recommend them to anyone looking for website translation."

QCWebsites Ltd