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Q. How do you calculate the cost for translation?

For almost all languages, our costs are based on a rate per 1000 source words (+ VAT for UK-based clients). There are some languages, such as Khmer, where the costs are calculated per 1000 target words. The number of source words relate to the number of words contained in the source document – the document you supply to us for translation. The number of target words relate to the number of translated words in the translated document – the translated document we supply to you. Our quotation will make it clear whether the final cost will be based on the source or target word-count.

The rate for translation will depend on the language combination and subject area.

We have minimum charges for documents under 500 words in length.

Q. How quickly can my translation be completed?

On average, a fully qualified translator will translate between 1000 and 2000 words per day, sometimes more. Overall turnaround time will depend on complexity of the task and rarity of the language. We understand that some translations need to be completed urgently. Just ask us, and we will do whatever is possible to meet your schedule.

Q. Who will complete my translation?

All translations are carried out by fully qualified and experienced native speakers of the target language. Each linguist has his or her own area of specialisation. Where a language is particularly rare, these criteria might be different as relevant recognised qualifications do not exist, but you would be informed of the situation at the quotation stage.

Q. I have some official documents for translation, how do I know whether I need the translation certified, notarised or legalised?

We are unable to advise you on which level of certification will be required. You will need to check with the organisation requesting the translation what level is required.

Q. How do you calculate the cost for an interpreting service?

It depends which interpreting service you require. For simultaneous, consecutive, face-to-face and court interpreting, the costs are calculated according to the following criteria: availability of linguist, language, location, duration, subject matter.

Costs for our telephone interpreting service are calculated by the minute and depend on the number of lines being used, and whether a domestic or international call. Full details will be provided in your quotation.

Q. How do you calculate the cost for transcription work?

The cost for audio or video transcription is calculated per source audio/video minute. The actual rate depends on the language(s) spoken, whether translation is required, the number of speakers, time code requirements, length of files and schedule.

Please note that minimum charges apply for shorter audio and video files.

Q. How long will it take for my transcription to be completed?

Assuming good audio quality, widely spoken language(s), transcription only (no translation), non-specialist subject matter, 3 speakers or fewer, 5-minute time code markers, a transcriptionist will transcribe between 30 and 60 minutes per working day. For large projects, a team of transcriptionists can work simultaneously in order to meet your schedule.

Should the requirement vary from the above (rare language(s), multiple speakers, poor audio quality, frequent time codes, a requirement for translation), then you may need to allow longer for the work to be completed.

Q. I have some academic interviews recorded in Spanish. I require an English translation of the interviews. Do I need to have the initial Spanish transcription prepared, and then have the resulting transcript translated from Spanish into English?

If you only require the resulting English translation of the Spanish interviews, it is not necessary to opt for a two-stage process: transcription followed by translation. We can provide a one-step translation from the Spanish audio files into English and the cost would be calculated at a rate per source audio minute.

If you need both the Spanish transcription and a corresponding translation into English, the rate would be calculated in two stages: a rate per source audio minute for transcription, and then a rate per 1000 words for the translation.

Q. My video file is too large to send you by email. How can I get the source material to you?

There are a variety of ways to get the source material to us. We can work from a url link, provided it is possible for us to download a freestanding version of the video.

Files can be securely uploaded to us via our website. Upload your files here. We can also accept download links from online file-transferring platforms of your choice.

Q. Who will complete my transcription?

Our team of vetted transcriptionists are experienced, accurate and fast. The majority of our English transcriptionists are based in the UK, and our linguists are based around the world.  If you require your material simply to be transcribed into the same language as the speech, the transcription will be completed by a native speaker of that language. If you require the speech to be directly translated into English, then sometimes a non-English native speaker will work on the file as they can often pick-up more of the spoken word in their own language than a native English speaker.

Q. Which languages do you offer?

Please find a list on our languages page. If you don’t see the language you require on this list, we may still be able to help. Please get in touch to let us know your requirements.

Q. Can I choose the voiceover talents for my project?

Once we know the scope of your project and what sort of voice you would prefer, we can send you demo recordings for your review.  Particularly when this is a tight schedule, we generally ask that a shortlist of 2 or 3 voices are chosen so that we have the best chance of securing studio time with a preferred talent.

If you prefer, one of our experienced project managers can choose the most suitable voices for you.

Q. Who will ensure that my project runs smoothly?

An experienced and helpful project manager will oversee your project from beginning to end. Our customised project management system ensures efficient and consistent workflow, and our team will keep you informed every step of the way.

Q. How can I pay for the service?

If you are a registered business or organisation, opening an account with us is easy and fast. Once you have an account with us, our accounts team will invoice you with 15 days credit terms.

If you would be funding the work as an individual (rather than via a business), we can accept payment via Stripe (GBP only), or by transfer into our bank account. Please ask your project manager what options are available to you.