Language Services in Hertfordshire

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Knockhundred offers professional interpreting and translation solutions throughout Hertfordshire.

To date, our linguists have worked in over 190 languages and the list continues to grow. You can find a full list of our languages here.

Knockhundred Translations provides several types of interpreting, including telephone interpreting.

Our teams of qualified, skilled language interpreters can attend your assignment 24/7 in

  • Watford
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Stevenage
  • St Albans
  • Welwyn Garden City
  • Hertford
  • Hatfield
and throughout Hertfordshire.

Knockhundred Translations provides several types of interpreting, including telephone interpreting. For more information on our interpreters and the interpreting services we offer in Bedfordshire, please visit our main interpreting page.

Alternatively you can visit the relevant language service page below:

Do you have a certificate or official document that needs translating and/or certifying?

If you live in Hertfordshire, we can help with your certified document translation requirements.

Visit our certified, notarised or FCO legalised translation page for more information.

While you’re here… Some quite interesting facts about Hertfordshire.

Hertford. Did you know that the first paper mill in Britain – Sele Mill near Hertford – was established by John Tate in about 1488?

Its paper was used by, among others, the great London printer Wynkyn de Worde, business partner of Caxton.

The existence of Tate’s mill is recorded in Henry VII ’s accounts in 1498, and books published in 1494 bearing Tate’s watermark still adorn some lucky shelves.

Sadly it seems Tate’s pioneering business died with him in 1507.

St Albans. Did you know that St Alban was the earliest British saint?

He was a pagan living in Verulamium who sheltered a fugitive Christian cleric in the 3rd century, deceiving soldiers hunting the man by exchanging cloaks and getting himself arrested.

Impressed by the piety of the cleric Alban declared himself a Christian when brought before a judge, and was duly beheaded outside the town.

The spot where he is said to have died is where St Albans Cathedral now stands.

Welwyn Garden City. Did you know that before Charles Blondin made his first tightrope walk over Niagara Falls he practiced near Welwyn?

He was friendly with the decidedly eccentric inventor George Dering, who had inherited the estate of Lockeleys near that town, and the two of them made crossings of the River Mimram there – perhaps not as dramatic as Niagara, but prettier.

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