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French Language Services for Events
French Language Services for Events – What You Need to Know

Event planning is stressful at the best of times. Ask any frazzled event planner in the days running up to (and throughout!) an event they may have been working on for months! Now add in the additional layer of multiple languages…. Here's a quick round up of things you may need to consider with a whistle-stop tour of our French language services for events.

Interpreting Services for the Deaf
Interpreting Services for the Deaf

You may have seen BSL interpreters on TV and probably on social media such as TikTok or YouTube. Sign Language is a visual means of communicating using gestures, facial expression, and body language. Today, we are helping to guide you in the process of how to book interpreting services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Languages spoken in England
Languages Spoken in England – The Most Popular

The language landscape is changing! Take a look at this fascinating map of the most popular languages spoken in England.

German Medical Translation
German Medical Translation Service Trusted by the NHS

Translating medical content requires far more than just linguistic proficiency; it necessitates a deep understanding of both medical terminology and cultural nuances. Professional translators offering German medical translation services are fluent in both the source and target languages, allowing them to accurately convey the message without losing its essence. Using the services of qualified translators is so important when conveying public health messages…as the Australian Government discovered.

Learn BSL
Learn BSL as a Life-Saving Skill Say Firefighters

Firefighters learn BSL (British Sign Language) to help them communicate more effectively during an emergency. Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service have implemented a new initiative to ensure their firefighters can communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing during emergency situations. The training will teach emergency responders a number of key phrases which could be life-saving during an emergency.

German Transcription Service2
German Transcription Services Post-Pandemic

Many organisations are working across many different countries, so the ability to accurately capture meetings, focus groups and hearings in multiple languages is indispensable. The global pandemic fuelled the rise in popularity of video meetings, which are easily recordable. This has led to a subsequent growth in our high-quality German transcription service, which can accurately record what has been said.

Language Services - helping hand
Language Services: A Helping Hand

16 is young enough to be nimble, old enough to know what’s what.  A perfect combination. For a company to be in business, that is.  Definitely not talking about a teenager. Join us in Dave Allen's son's world, bored pandas, AI translation, queen's cabbage, and VO corpsing. Language services can be funny when things aren't done "right"! WARNING: THIS BLOG CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE

Czech Translation Services
Czech Translation Services

The Czech language can be a challenging one, especially if you require a specialist Czech Translation Service. Read on to find out more!

Japanese Transcription Service
Japanese Transcription Service

Transcription is a key area for many businesses, but the complexity of Japanese means it’s important to engage a high quality language services provider to ensure your transcription is spot on. Read on for more info on our Japanese transcription service.

Dutch legal translation services
Dutch Legal Translation Services

Choosing the right legal translation service can be a challenge. If you have a legal document you need translated from or into Dutch, read on to find out more - here is everything you need to know about Dutch legal translation services!

French Website Translation
French website translation – Top Tips

Understanding localisation is key when planning your French website translation. Join us for our latest vlog to pick-up top tips to ensure the success of your project. Covering cultural awareness, privacy laws and social conventions of France, we hope that our short video gives you some pointers as to what to consider.

Hindi Subtitling Services
Hindi Subtitling Services

Creating subtitles may seem like a daunting project. Leaving such things to an AI solution, where it may be very quick and cheap, it can be fraught with issues and errors. But with the right guidance from your language services provider, it is very straightforward! Here, we focus on Hindi subtitling.

Danish Transcription Service
Danish Transcription Services – Get it right first time

Many organisations are working across many different countries, so the ability to accurately capture meetings, focus groups and hearings in multiple languages is indispensable. Today, we are taking a look at Danish transcription services.

French Technical Translation
French technical translation – No margin for error

There are many industries spanning internationally and sometimes, there may be some very complex documentation which require translation. If your organisation requires French technical translation services, there are a few things you need to consider.

interpreting services for the deaf
Interpreting Services for the Deaf at Eurovision

Last year’s Eurovision coverage wowed viewers around the world - but it was the sign language interpreter who was centre stage during Finland’s performance! We look forward to Eurovision 2024's interpreting services for the deaf.

Lithuanian subtitling services
Lithuanian Subtitling Services – Ensuring Connectivity

Lithuanian subtitling services enable you to reach Lithuanian audiences, (obviously!) but more importantly, they ensure inclusivity and connectivity. It also enables English speaking audiences to access Lithuanian cultural heritage.

Script Preparation Services
Script Preparation Services

Most of us will sit down after a day’s work to scroll through the latest Netflix offerings, but unless you work in the creative industry or indeed the languages industry, the chances are you won’t have thought about the many elements that go into making the polished end-product before you! Knockhundred works with many content creators, offering different sorts of script preparation services to ensure their content reaches a broader audience across the globe.

Burning Spanish subtitles to video
Burning Spanish Subtitles To Video

Burning Spanish subtitles to video is an important service that ensures Spanish speakers understand video content not produced in Spanish. So, if your video is in English and you have a Spanish speaking audience, then burnt in Spanish subtitles could be what you need for your video.

English language services
English Language Services – For All Eventualities!

Collaborating with our skilled English subtitling team, our English translators, interpreters, transcribers and voiceover artists, we deliver class-leading English language language services. But what about the language itself? English, spoken by over 2 billion people globally, stands as a key global language. Its journey, from its roots in ancient Germanic tribes to its modern form, is a fascinating tale worth exploring. We look at its evolution.

audio transcription
Audio transcription – Entering An Intriguing World

Today, we're diving into the intriguing world of audio transcription. Click through to find our little video explainer. You might be wondering, "What is audio transcription?" Well, it's a fascinating process where sound waves are transformed into text, helping us understand spoken words.

Polish Transcription Service
Polish Transcription Services – Outsourcing for Speed

Transcription can be a time-consuming but necessary process for many businesses. Whether it’s a keynote speech, an interview, a Zoom meeting or a telephone conversation, outsourcing your Polish transcription requirements is a quick and cost effective way to record your content.

Technical Translation Services
Technical Translation Services – Call in the Experts

Many organisations these days have faced the challenge of expanding their global output. This can be challenging enough at the best of times but over the past few years, global commerce has become increasingly important for many businesses to survive; the world seems smaller since businesses have expanded their operations online, but at the same time, the language barrier may have become greater as new, previously untapped markets are reached. This is where technical translation services come in. 

German Transcription Service
Berlin Adopts German Transcription Service as Legal Tool

A German transcription service is often used in a legal context in solicitor’s offices, to support disciplinary hearings, to take a record of police interviews and for arbitration meetings. For the first time, Germany will also allow transcription in a court of law - except it will be automated transcription…

The Perfect Transcription
The Perfect Transcription – Getting it Right 1st Time

Accurate transcription is extremely important, especially in medical or technical transcription. Every word holds significance, and even the smallest error can lead to dire consequences. Here we explore the perfect transcription.

English Transcription Services
English Transcription Services – A key to Business

English Transcription services could be easily overlooked, but it remains a key part of many organisation’s’ day to day business. Whether recognised or not, English transcription is an important resource, the quality and accuracy of which can be essential.

Swahili university transcription service
Swahili University Transcription Service – A Guide

Any academic institution will benefit from a reliable transcription service to call on, no matter the language. Many institutes are saving time and money by outsourcing their transcription requirements to a professional provider.

Pashto Subtitling Services
Pashto Subtitling Services and Promoting Diversity

Pashto subtitling services are vital in a world where communication knows no borders. Whether it's entertainment, education, or corporate communication, accurate Pashto subtitles enrich the viewing experience, promote inclusivity, and facilitate global dialogue.

Taboo Language in Spanish Subtitles
Taboo Language in Spanish Subtitles

We are often asked about how to deal with taboo or offensive language when preparing Spanish subtitles. The answer is, it depends…

German telephone interpreting service
Global Client Signs Up For German Telephone Interpreting Service

A huge welcome to the newest client to sign up to our German telephone interpreting service. Knockhundred passed the test in terms of security of data, GDPR, confidentiality and speed of connection. After the final handshake on the contract, our client was up and running ready to access German interpreters any time of day or night, 365 days of the year.

adding Spanish subtitles
Adding Spanish Subtitles – Understanding the Sensitivities

Why come to a professional subtitling company like Knockhundred? Because we understand the potential sensitivity of adding Spanish subtitles to footage where the language spoken is already in Spanish.

British Sign Language interpreting
British Sign Language Interpreting Star at Eurovision

Douze points for Eurovision British Sign Language Interpreting Star - we hope they invite wonderful British Sign Language interpreter, Adrian Bailey, back for the 2024 Eurovision song contest. If you didn’t see it last year, do take a look. It’s just fantastic.

Spanish subtitles
Spanish Subtitles Versus Slow Spanish as Learning Tool

The jury is out on how much viewing Spanish subtitles on video or film footage helps you learn a second language. We’ve been looking at Spanish in particular and back the idea of blending a number of approaches. Have you heard of Slow Spanish for example?

Spanish dialect
When Spanish dialect and variety matters for audiovisual linguists

Why might a Spanish dialect or "variety" of Spanish matter to a transcriber, an audiovisual translator or subtitler? It turns out that it matters quite a bit.

Welsh translation
Welsh Translation Error Leads Drivers to “Town Egg Gas”

A recent blunder on the roads of Monmouthshire left drivers scratching their heads as a Welsh translation error directed them to "town egg gas" instead of the intended destination, Monmouth.

audiovisual translation
Audiovisual Translation: ICFMAT 2024 Conference Invites Scholars

In an era where information warfare looms large and as Film-Studies, Media, and Audiovisual Translation continue to evolve, a crucial need arises for collective understanding and action. The International Conference on Film-Studies, Media, and Audiovisual Translation (ICFMAT 2024) stands as a beacon to academics, students, scholars, scientists, and engineers from across the globe to converge and exchange transformative ideas.

HWCC Members: Exclusive 10% Discount at Knockhundred

Based in the heart of Herefordshire, Knockhundred Translations isn't your average translation agency. We're all about championing local businesses in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, while also keeping an eye on the bigger picture globally. Our mission? To give businesses like yours the tools they need to thrive, no matter where they're headed. So if you're a HWCC member, step this way...

Hungarian subtitling
Hungarian Subtitling: Exploring the Cultural Preference for Dubbing

In the realm of cinema preferences, Hungary stands out for its enduring love affair with dubbed films. Despite the rise of subtitling in other European countries, Hungarians overwhelmingly prefer the comfort of hearing their native language resonate through the speakers.

Literary translators
Literary translators on World Book Day

Every year since 1998, children in full-time education in the UK and the Republic of Ireland are provided with vouchers to be spent on books. Depending on the household, parents spend weeks (or literally minutes!) working out how to send their child to school dressed as their favourite character. Not so difficult if it is Harry Potter. A wand – a stick, a cloak – a dyed sheet, round glasses – Amazon? But what if your child’s favourite character is Dave Pigeon?

the future of subtitling
The Future of Subtitling: Using Technology & Human Expertise

In an era of rapid technological advancement, the subtitling industry stands at a pivotal juncture, balancing the integration of artificial intelligence with the indispensable expertise of human captioners. While AI has revolutionised the transcription process, the irreplaceable role of human talent persists in capturing nuances and ensuring the precision of subtitles. We take a look at the future of subtitling.

Behind the scenes of subtitling
Behind the Scenes of Subtitling: Balancing Creativity and Precision

Subtitling is a delicate balance of artistic creativity and technical precision, essential for delivering a seamless viewing experience to audiences worldwide. From meticulously adhering to style guides to navigating the complexities of live captioning, captioners are pivotal in bringing content to life through subtitles, enriching the viewer's engagement with the material. Let's go behind the scenes of subtitling...

Business of Subtitling
The Business of Subtitling: Navigating a Booming Industry

The demand for subtitles has skyrocketed in recent years, driven by the widespread adoption of streaming services and the increasing globalisation of content consumption. This surge in demand has propelled the business of subtitling into a thriving industry. It's now valued at millions of dollars, presenting both challenges and opportunities for studios and streamers alike.

The Rise of Subtitles
The Rise of Subtitles: Gen Z’s Influence on Viewing Habits

In today's digital landscape, the way we consume content has undergone a significant transformation, largely influenced by the preferences of Generation Z. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z has embraced the rise of subtitles as an integral part of their viewing experience, regardless of their hearing abilities.

Spanish language
Spanish Language and the Art of Learning

It’s a cliché that this is a world in which connectivity knows no bounds but the ability to speak multiple languages opens doors to new cultures, opportunities, and cognitive benefits.

translator Gertrude Wright
Translator Gertrude Wright’s Inspirational Journey

In the midst of turmoil and amidst the ashes of conflict, emerges a story of resilience, a narrative that transcends barriers and ignites hope across generations. Today, we honour the extraordinary life of Gertrude Wright, a woman whose odyssey from war-torn Germany to the tranquil landscapes of Ladakh, India, embodies courage, compassion, and the transformative power of education.

SRT files
SRT Files: Illuminating Accessible Video Content

Are you a content creator looking to expand your audience reach and engagement? Whether you're producing bite-sized TikTok videos or in-depth documentaries on YouTube, making your content accessible to a wider audience can be a game-changer. One way to achieve this is through the use of SRT files.

audiovisual language services
Audiovisual Language Services: Unlocking Global Communication

In our interconnected world, effective communication is paramount. Whether it's sharing a message, telling a story, or disseminating information, the ability to convey ideas across language barriers is crucial. This is where audiovisual language services come into play, serving as a bridge that connects people and cultures through the universal mediums of sight and sound.

subtitles and captions
Subtitles and Captions: Unravelling the Difference

In the ever-changing realm of multimedia content creation, accessibility stands as a cornerstone for inclusivity. Understanding the nuanced difference between subtitles and captions is paramount in ensuring that diverse audiences can engage seamlessly with your content.

book translation
Book Translation by Leah Janeczko: “Glowrushes” by Piumini

"Glowrushes" by Roberto Piumini, with book translation by Leah Janeczko, is a captivating journey into a world of enchantment and self-discovery. Piumini's narrative is a testament to the power of storytelling, weaving together elements of fantasy, adventure, and introspection to create a truly immersive reading experience.

welsh into english
Welsh into English: Petition Calls for Wales to Be Known as Cymru

A petition with over 11,000 signatures has ignited discussions about Welsh identity and cultural representation. But how easy would it be to transition from the Welsh into English linguistic norms? Will the Welsh people replace the name "Wales" with its Welsh counterpart, "Cymru"?

English subtitling service
English Subtitling Service Empowers Accessibility

Samsung Unveils Breakthrough Audio Subtitles Feature. If you're a fan of foreign-language films but struggle to keep up with subtitles, Samsung has some exciting news for you. So how does an English subtitling service empower accessibility?

Spanish language
Spanish Language Crime Drama Las Azules: Apple TV Dives in!

Apple TV+ continues its streak of captivating original content with its latest addition, “Las Azules,” a gripping Spanish language crime drama inspired by the true stories of Mexico’s pioneering female police force. Led by renowned International Emmy Award winner Fernando Rovzar, this 10-episode series promises to immerse viewers in a world where courage, determination, and […]

Spanish subtitling
Amplifying the Laughs: Spanish Subtitling Adventures

Ecuador-based 2bLatam has joined hands with Mexican media and entertainment indie Elefantec Global to embark on an exciting journey of adaptation.

German subtitling
7 Netflix Shows with German Subtitling for Language Learners

While immersing yourself in Germany is undoubtedly the most effective way to learn, there's another fun and educational method: watching German shows on Netflix.

Italian Subtitling Services
Growing Demand for Italian Subtitling Services in Streaming World

The rise of streaming platforms and Gen Z's preference for watching content with subtitles has fuelled a significant demand for Italian subtitling services, creating a booming market for transcribers.

french subtitling
French Subtitling Revolution: Unlocking Access with Knockhundred’s Services

In the realm of media accessibility, the power of language extends far beyond mere words on a screen – it opens doors to inclusion, understanding, and connection.

english subtitling barbie
English Subtitling Unleashed: Right subtitles, wrong movie!

The Barbenheimer Crossover - an unexpected comedy hit as Christopher Nolan's epic biographical thriller "Oppenheimer" was accidentally paired with the subtitles of Margot Robbie-starrer satire "Barbie."

Arabic subtitling in Oppenheimer
Arabic Subtitling Spotlight: Linguistic Challenges in Oppenheimer

We examine some of the linguistic and cultural challenges when subtitling in Arabic, with a particular focus on the film, Oppenheimer.

German to English Translation
Translate German to English: Unveiling Whimsy of Expressions

Unraveling Quirky German Expressions: A Linguistic Dive with Knockhundred’s Experts.

French subtitling
French Subtitling Perspectives: Navigating French Cinema

A cultural exploration with Knockhundred Translations' French subtitling service. As we delve into French subtitling, consider these suggested films available on popular streaming platforms.

Languages of Taiwan. The political language of Taiwan's elections
Languages of Taiwan: “Frozen Garlic” to Cultural Diversity

In Taiwan, language has become a powerful tool for expressing identity and political affiliation, adding unique flavours to the island's electoral landscape. As part of the government's 2022-2026 plan for linguistic advancement and cultural equality, the recent elections have showcased the rich linguistic tapestry that defines the languages of Taiwan.

We’re celebrating World Book Day in the UK!

This year, World Book Day falls on 3rd March and is focusing on reaching children from disadvantaged backgrounds, with the theme 'You Are a Reader'.

Beijing Olympics multilingual song released

Translating songs requires highly creative specialists who are able to produce a poetic rending that fits perfectly with the music. Listen to the official 2022 Beijing Olympics song, which includes lyrics in nine languages and subtitles in English and Chinese.

Beijing corrects mistranslations before 2022 Winter Olympics

In the run-up to the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Beijing is re-translating hundreds of signs and notices to avoid ‘Chinglish’.

Interesting facts about Chinese New Year

Our in-house Chinese translator tells us some interesting facts about Chinese New Year.

Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters explained

The most basic difference between Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters is how they look. Our in-house Chinese translator helps us navigate our way.

Christmas is Coming!

The Knockhundred Team will be taking a well-earned break and toasting their feet by the fire, while the cold winter weather creeps in. Our office is closed from Wednesday 23 December and we will be returning revived and refreshed on Monday 4 January.

The travelling interpreter

One of our regular French interpreters spoke with us this week, to tell us all about his life as a video link interpreter. Jean-Christophe leads a fascinating life that many of us would envy!

Subtitles & Closed Captions, Spot the Difference!

There are few things better than curling up on the sofa and watching an award-winning film. A winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes, an independent film shot in Spain or Russia.

Video and telephone interpreting

The recent global COVID crisis has changed the way we work and it has had a significant impact on language companies and on their interpreters.

Video and telephone interpreting

The recent global COVID crisis has changed the way we work and it has had a significant impact on language companies and on their interpreters.

Dutch transcription with a difference!

We’ve been working in close collaboration with a number of higher education institutions based in the Netherlands.

Subtitling Italian Cookery Programmes

Here at Knockhundred we love languages and we love delicious food. One of our most recent projects ticks both boxes!

Voices from all over the world

While the majority of requests for voice overs are for European languages, we also receive enquiries about voice-overs in both Asian and East Asian languages.

Keep Calm and Carry On

The coronavirus pandemic has obviously had a massive impact on all our lives and we are all having to adjust accordingly. These are difficult times, but together we will get through it.

Translating for clothing retailers

We work with a number of on-line retailers and we regularly receive requests for content translation, destined for clothing websites. Recently, we’ve been working on translating English descriptions of sports clothing into French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German.

Subtitling documentaries for TV

Over the past couple of years we have worked on subtitling documentaries filmed in both Asia and Europe, covering all sorts of topics. At Knockhundred we’re always really happy to hear from filmmakers, as subtitling has become a particular specialism for our team.

Subtitling for big brands

Last month we received a number of commissions to subtitle advertisements for a major motor manufacturer. Our client’s original videos were in English.

French transcription of call-centre recordings

We are working with a new client who operates call-centres throughout Europe. Our client is anxious to ensure a really high level of customer service and is commissioning us to transcribe French audio recordings, which will then be analysed, with a view to developing better customer-relations.

Subtitling Seasons Greetings

Things don’t wind down toward Christmas - they become more frenetic, as companies anxiously try to get any last-minute jobs done before the holiday season.

Spanish Subtitling for Castings

Many of our most recent commissions are from global advertising agencies and one of the most common requests is to produce subtitles for advertisements. However, this week we’ve been working on subtitling a number of casting sessions filmed in Barcelona.

Subtitling Japanese Anime!

In the past we’ve worked on lots of Japanese media content. We’ve subtitled many short films and documentaries into English. But recently, we’ve received some really interesting commissions - producing subtitles for Japanese anime!

Subtitling Arabic into English for documentaries

We’ve found that over the past few years, requests for the translation of audiovisual materials have been superseding requests for document translations.

English transcribers needed!

We are looking for more English transcribers and typists to help with our ever increasing workload.

Voice-overs for a Global Market

While subtitling is a quick and relatively straightforward process, our clients often prefer a more ‘human’ approach and therefore employ a voice-over instead.

Voice-overs for a Global Market

While subtitling is a quick and relatively straightforward process, our clients often prefer a more ‘human’ approach and therefore employ a voice-over instead.

Subtitling – Good Practice & Pitfalls!

With the onset of globalisation, we’re finding that our clients are increasingly ambitious and want to expand their target audiences as much as possible.

High quality voice over artists for Hindi market

By using our high quality Hindi voice over artists, we can help you reach a huge market.

Nature documentary shot in Bangladesh

We have been working in close collaboration with an independent film producer making a nature documentary in Bangladesh. It’s been a really exciting project and we think that the final programme will be very, very well received.

Transcribing English interviews – this is how we do it!

We specialise in translating foreign language texts and transcribing audio and video from all over the world. But we also work on English transcription projects

Japanese to English direct translations for climate research

We’ve been working closely with one of our regular clients to produce transcripts of climate research interviews. The interviews were conducted in Japan, but contain a mix of Japanese and English. Our client needed English transcripts only. This always presents a challenge, but it’s not Mission Impossible!

German transcription for pharma research

We’ve been working with a major German pharmaceutical company recently. The interviews (9 hours in total) have been transcribed in German and then translated into English too.

An interview with Sonia – the diary of a Spanish linguist

We work with multiple linguists, all with their own areas of specialisation. This week we’ve been talking with Sonia, who often produces one-step translations (or ‘direct translations’) for Knockhundred. Here’s an abridged transcript of our interview.

Hindi to English subtitling for documentaries shot in India

We’ve been working with an independent UK-based production company, making a fascinating documentary series on religion in India. Over the last few weeks the film crew have been learning a huge amount about Hinduism.

Arabic technical translations for research institutions

We’ve been working on a number of unusual and thought-provoking translation projects recently. One of our major clients recently conducted in-depth research into possible climate-change solutions and we’ve been heavily involved in the translation of their research findings.

Simplified & Traditional Chinese subtitle differences

Sometimes our clients contact us to ask for “Chinese” subtitles. What they don’t perhaps realise is that Chinese isn’t a language, but a family of languages.

Subtitling Ads for TV

We’ve been working on a huge number of subtitling assignments over the past few months and have been streamlining our processes so we can produce accurate subtitles in record time. It’s not an easy process, but we have an amazing team and are perfecting the ‘art’ of subtitling!

Malgorzata, Polish Interpreter – West Yorkshire

We receive requests for interpreters on an almost daily basis. Their lives are busy and the jobs are varied. We asked Malgorzata to tells us all about Polish interpreting in West Yorkshire.

Creating Spanish subtitles

We wanted to learn more about the challenges of creating Spanish subtitles, and so we caught up with Rosa, an experienced subtitler.

French subtitling for the Deaf and hard of hearing

We provide a French subtitling service for a whole host of different industries. They are provided not only for French speakers wishing to watch foreign language material, but for the Deaf and hard of hearing in France.

The art of creating Italian subtitles

One of our regular Italian subtitlers, Gianfranco, chatted to us about his life subtitling social media videos.

Translation Timing: ‘So how long will it take?’

It’s the question that every Project Manager expects to hear, sometimes several times a day. We have the documents, or the audio files, or the videos. We’ve prepared the perfect quotation and we have a particular linguist (or linguists!) in mind for this project… Then the big question - how long will it take?

Certifying, notarising, legalising documents… explain!

We often receive calls from private individuals who, for one reason or another, need quick-fire turnaround certified translations. We asked one of our project managers to give us the low-down.

Translations for the film industry

TV productions, particularly documentary and news bulletins are filmed in a variety of languages and the languages involved can be diverse.

Transcriptions for Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate research is obviously a term that encompasses a huge variety of topics in different disciplines. Essentially, upon completing a Masters (or sometimes PhD) qualification, many academics move on to research, to extend their studies.

Subtitling Advertisements

Globalization had a huge impact on the world’s manufacturers, over the past few decades, our clients’ campaigns have become increasingly streamlined.

Voice-overs – A Short History

Most of us have heard the term ‘voice-over’ before, in connection with films or radio, but what exactly does it mean and when did voice-overs come into being?

The Challenges of Transcribing from Audio

Transcribing from audio recordings is a real skill and it’s even more difficult if you are working from one language into another. We spoke with one of our German translators who regularly works on German transcriptions and direct translations from German into English.

Subtitles and Captions – spot the difference!

We’re frequently sent short films that need subtitling. They can be in (almost!) any language. And sometimes we’re asked to produce captions. While they sound like they could refer to the same thing, subtitles and captions are worlds apart. So what’s the difference? We asked one of our project managers to explain.

Speaking the language of a voiceover artist

Speaking the language of a voiceover artist. The voiceover industry has its very own language.

French transcription of academic research

As the summer fast approaches and the end of the academic year gets nearer, research departments and postgraduate students alike have been bombarding us with requests for transcription and direct translation.

Translation terms, or ‘Project Manager-speak’ explained!

The translation industry, like any other field has some fairly specific terms which sound rather confusing to those not working in translation on a day to day basis. Here we look into some of the more unusual terms and explain what they mean.

On the challenges of Japanese translation

The Japanese language is radically different from English in so many ways, so how do these differences impact upon the world of translation?

Something lost in Welsh translation!

A recent BBC news story caught our eye, where a faulty Welsh translation promised a little more than could be delivered….

Telephone interpreting – how does it work?

There are often situations in life where you need someone’s help urgently. Those times where something simply can’t wait until tomorrow.

Iraqi Arabic interpreters in Scotland

World events have highlighted the sometimes risky role that Arabic interpreters play. We were interested to listen to the moving BBC interview about the Arabic interpreters from Iraq who relocated to Scotland.

The Life of a Subterranean Urban Subtitler

We decided to ask one of our regular Spanish subtitlers to tell us about their day-to-day life. Ana explained how she got into subtitling and told us a little about what the job involves.

The Perfect Transcription

We receive all kinds of transcription requests. We’re sent audio and video files in all sorts of languages and our clients have a diverse range of demands when it comes to transcription. But one thing that never changes, irrespective of language and presentation, is the need for quality.

Multilingual Voice-overs for Advertising

UK-based manufacturers often seek to extend their markets by reaching out to customers based in other EU countries.

Working as a telephone interpreter

How do we provide such an excellent telephone interpreting service? By only working with the best!

Emotional impact of interpreting

Most people think interpreting is just translating orally or into sign language the words of a person speaking a different language. Of course this is true in the most basic sense, but there is so much more to the skill set of an interpreter.

Life as a Bengali and Hindi subtitler

Last week I spoke to Palash, one of our seasoned Bengali and Hindi subtitlers to find out what kind of projects he has been handling recently. As well as subtitling, Palash also works on transcription and direct translations of media files into English.

English transcription service for University of East Anglia

The School of Social Work at the University of East Anglia is an internationally renowned academic department dedicated to research and teaching. Our English transcription service is an invaluable tool for the research students who study there.

Arabic to English Subtitles for International Promo Films

We are working in close collaboration with a number of research institutions and production houses, creating Arabic to English subtitles for international marketing. There are some real challenges involved, but we’re so proud of our Arabic subtitling team!

African language transcription service for documentaries

Our project management team prides itself on being able to handle the rarest of African languages, and to date, we have not been defeated by an African language transcription request.

Marketing Translations for the European Market

We work closely with a number of online clothing retailers, who advertise literally thousands of products, from trainers, to jeans to hoodies. Our clients often have their websites translated into a number of European languages, in order to reach as many potential customers as is possible.

Italian transcreation of marketing material

‘Transcreation’ is a term which is widely used in advertising and marketing, but what exactly does it mean? And what differentiates transcreation from ‘regular’ translation?

Spanish dialects and direct translation into English

When we are asked to provide a direct translation from Spanish audio or video material into English, we always need to listen to a sample first so that an appropriate member of our team can undertake the work.

Translation of Media Material for International Filmmakers

We work with a number of independent filmmakers and media companies who produce documentary films for various UK and international TV channels. Since schedules are often last-minute and changeable, we frequently receive last-minute requests for translations and subsequently for subtitling assignments.

Academic discount for transcription service

We understand that students can face budgetary constraints when it comes to transcribing their research interviews. That’s why we offer an academic discount.

Korea and the Words that are Lost in Translation

A recent BBC article highlights how language has evolved very differently in North and South Korea.

Italian subtitler’s dream film

Our Italian subtitling projects normally involve short video clips, documentaries and adverts, but it turns out that secretly what our subtitling team crave to subtitle is the film, The Godfather.

Korean Medical Translations for Pharmaceutical Products

South Korea is a major export market for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers and indeed South Korea represents the third largest pharmaceutical market in the Asia-Pacific region.

What makes a good voice over?

The majority of our clients look for a one-stop-shop when it comes to contracting a voice over service.

What makes a good voice over?

The majority of our clients look for a one-stop-shop when it comes to contracting a voice over service.

Focus on Russian Subtitling Service

Last week we talked to one of our Russian subtitling experts about their work as a subtitler of films, ads and corporate videos.

Traditional Chinese Subtitling

We regularly receive requests to subtitle video footage from English into Chinese. We’ve recently seen a marked increase in the number of requests for subtitling assignments for Traditional Chinese.

Delivering our Indonesian transcription service

When one of our clients approaches us about our Indonesian transcription service, we always need to establish exactly which Indonesian language or dialect is being spoken in the audio or video material.

Fewer French & German translators in future?

A new BBC survey suggests foreign language teaching, such as French and German is being squeezed out of timetables in Wales. Will this trend result in fewer graduate French and German translators in the future?

Oral history transcription – helping us to remember

The recent Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January got us thinking about our oral history transcription service and how the act of recording speech helps us to remember the huge events in history, and also the small events in an individual’s life.

Portuguese to English subtitles for castings

Portuguese to English subtitles for castings. In the world of advertising, time is always of the essence. But before an advertising campaign even reaches the screens, a whole series of castings take place.

Document Translations for Turbulent Times

With the Brexit debate constantly in the news and tempestuous times on the horizon, we’ve been receiving a steady stream of requests for document translations.

Telephone interpreting: good for the environment

There is a lot of discussion around the pros and cons of telephone interpreting and how accessing an interpreter via telephone compares with traditional face-to-face interpreting.

Growth in multilingual subtitling service in 2018

Hello to a huge increase in demand for our subtitling services. 2018 saw a two-fold increase in requests for subtitles in multiple languages.

Eva’s German Subtitling Tips

We work with a number of really skilled freelancers who are especially gifted at subtitling. This week we’re talking to Eva, who regularly works on subtitling from German into English on our larger, multilingual projects.

English transcription for University of Bristol

We’ve been receiving a number of requests from undergraduates and postgraduate research students at the University of Bristol, who are taking advantage of our university transcription service.

Multilingual Subtitling for the Fashion Industry

Global fashion houses need to reach out to audiences globally, to advertise their products and to keep their brand in the public eye. With contemporary production techniques, it’s now straightforward to subtitle videos into multiple languages, to reach consumers all over the world.

How to transcribe medical interviews

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on transcribing around twenty hours of audio recordings. These were medical interviews, conducted in English, where professionals discussed the efficacy of various pharmaceutical products.

How our telephone interpreting service works

Clients often ask us how we are able to offer a telephone interpreting service 24/7, 7 days a week - especially since we are able to offer this service in over 150 languages.

Subtitling into Multiple Languages – The Dos and Don’ts!

More and more frequently we are receiving requests to subtitle into multiple languages, which can be a little more challenging for us!

Why our interpreting service in Birmingham is in demand

Reasons our interpreting service in Birmingham is in such high demand.

Why our interpreting service in Birmingham is in demand

Reasons our interpreting service in Birmingham is in such high demand.

French Direct Translations for Market Research

Recently our French clients have been sending a lot of material to us, high-volume, fast turnaround transcriptions and direct translations.

Academic Transcription Service Specialists

Our academic dissertation interview transcription service is surprisingly affordable. Students and other academic staff from UK universities, American universities and research facilities in Europe regularly benefit from the discounted rates we offer educational establishments.

Spanish translations for South America

We’re frequently asked to translate documents from English into Spanish. But while you may think that an ‘into Spanish translation’ is straightforward, unfortunately that’s not always the case...

English SRT files versus WebVTT subtitle files

The most frequently requested format for supplying our English subtitles is SRT. Probably the next most popular subtitle or caption format is WebVTT.

English Subtitling is My Favourite Service

We are able to fulfill various services in-house, but I think that without a doubt, our English subtitling service is my personal favourite.

English transcription of celebrity interviews

We’ve been working on transcribing some English-language interviews, with some very well known individuals!

Spanish subtitling service as language-learning tool

You can understand why teachers of the Spanish language recommend watching films and TV programmes that have been subtitled either in Spanish of English.

Russian Subtitles and Captions for Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies cast individuals from all over the world and often their interviews need subtitling into English.

A Day in the Life of an Arabic Medical Interpreter

We wanted to learn a little about what life is like for our Arabic medical interpreters, so we took the time to chat with Muhammad and hear about his day-to-day life.

Pashto and Dari translators forced to take DNA tests

Sajid Javid was forced into a grovelling apology yesterday after admitting Pashto and Dari translators and interpreters were wrongly forced to take DNA tests before they could settle in Britain.

Welsh Subtitles and Captions for Media Companies

With an increasing number of programmes made specifically for Welsh audiences, so comes real demand for Welsh subtitles and captions.

Welsh Subtitles and Captions for Media Companies

With an increasing number of programmes made specifically for Welsh audiences, so comes real demand for Welsh subtitles and captions.

German transcription service for Bath University

Our German transcription service for academic research is regularly called upon by students from the University of Bath.

Just what is direct translation from audio/video?

We are frequently asked to complete ‘direct translation’ which can be from either audio, or from video. But exactly what is ‘direct translation’?

Translation of Kurdish videos

Documentary-makers, news channels, journalists, academic researchers, media companies and charities approach us with video material, usually interviews, for translation. One of the most regular requests at the moment is to translate Kurdish video content.

21st Century Translation & the demand for English Subtitles

Here at Knockhundred we can remember when our clients usually demanded one of two things, either text translation, or interpreting. As technology has developed, so too have the demands of our clients.

Dr Who’s universal translator and interpreting system

How does the implanted universal translator and the tardis translation system compare with Knockhundred’s amazing translation and interpreting service?

Translating film footage in African languages

Over 2000 languages are spoken in Africa, but there are many fewer recognised at national level. When documentary-makers, journalists and charities get out into the field in various African countries to interview people, they often don’t know which language(s) they will encounter.

Arabic subtitling for corporate clients

We have a number of corporate clients based in the Middle East and receive regular requests to subtitle material both from Arabic into English and also from English into Arabic.

Transcription of lectures and academic research material

Imagine how much time you could save by having your lectures, seminars and research material transcribed.

A Day in the Life of an Arabic Business Interpreter

We were keen to learn more about our interpreters’ day-to-life working lives, so we spoke to one of our Arabic business interpreters, to find out exactly what it’s like.

What’s not to like about telephone interpreting service?

There are so many advantages to telephone interpreting over traditional forms of interpreting. Instant access by telephone to interpreters covering over 150 languages for a start.

Hindi transcription service for Birmingham City University

Our Hindi transcription service for academic research is regularly called upon by students from Birmingham City University.

Japanese subtitling for independent film companies

We have a number of regular clients for whom we produce Japanese transcriptions and also Japanese to English direct translations from audio.

Russian transcription service for University of Sheffield

Our Russian transcription service for academic research is regularly called upon by students from the University of Sheffield.

TV producers need Portuguese to English translation

Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, and São Tomé and Príncipe.

TV producers need Portuguese to English translation

Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, and São Tomé and Príncipe.

Same language transcription for university research

University research is pivotal in the development and understanding of the world in which we live and finding the answers to 21st Century ponderings.

Multilingual Subtitles for a Global Workforce

With increasing globalisation, companies frequently have different divisions all over the world.

Portuguese transcription service for Manchester University

Our Portuguese transcription service for academic research is regularly called upon by students and researchers from the University of Manchester.

Why Italian is the language of love

Managing the translation of Italian audio speech into English

Spanish transcription service for Cardiff University

Our Spanish transcription service for academic research is regularly called upon by students and researchers from Cardiff University.

The Art of Subtitles and Captions

With the globalization of media content, more and more films become accessible to audiences worldwide, which fuels demand for subtitling services.

German transcription service for London University

Our German transcription service for academic research is regularly called upon by students and researchers from the University of London.

Arabic transcription service for Open University

Our Arabic transcription service for academic research is regularly called upon by students and researchers from the Open University.

Japanese Transcription and Translation from Audio or Video

We receive a significant number of requests for both Japanese transcription and direct translation from audio or video material.

Arabic transcription service for University of London

Our Arabic transcription service for academic research is regularly called upon by students from the University of London.

Pharma research fuels demand for medical transcriptions

We’ve recently experienced a spike in demand for medical transcripts. As pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs, so comes the need for clinical trials.

Indian Punjabi translation and interpreting service

Requests for our Indian Punjabi translation service are continuously coming in, meaning we are always keeping our Indian Punjabi linguists very busy.

Certified translations of Arabic documents

We are getting more and more requests for certified translations of documents from Arabic into English. The certified translations of these documents are clearly becoming a necessity for many different reasons.

Japanese Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations for Pharma

Japan is certainly a significant player in the world pharma market, closely following the US and China.

Subtitles and Captions for Corporate Videos

International companies have divisions all over the world. To keep their teams updated with the latest developments, they produce in-house corporate videos

Dutch economy fuels demand for product translations

The Netherlands is experiencing robust economic growth and the Dutch economy goes from strength to strength. Strong private investment coupled with consumer consumption means that the economic forecast for May 2018 looks good.

Is there any such thing as ‘standard German transcription’?

Most people learn what is known as ‘standard’ or ‘High’ German, but there are lots of dialects and accents spoken in Germany. This why our German transcribers must be native speakers and why we have assembled a German transcription team able to tackle a wide range of accents.

Requests for Hindi transcription increasing

We are having an influx of requests for our Hindi Transcription service which we believe may be down to the rising population in Hindi speaking areas.

Translation of medical documents from Spanish to English

The increase in the number of Brits leaving Spain has mirrored the increase in demand for our translation of medical documents from Spanish to English

German Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation

Pharmaceutical companies fuel a rising demand for skilled German medical translators

Translation of certificates into Lithuanian

We have been trying to work out why we have had so many requests to translate various certificates into Lithuanian recently.

Arabic Subtitles and Captions for Media Companies

Increasing demand from international media companies, means that linguists working on Arabic subtitles and caption creation are in ever increasing demand.

Discourse analysis and university transcription service

Our team of dedicated university transcribers have experience of transcribing research interviews, theses, focus group interviews, round table discussions and recorded lectures. We also have extensive experience in providing transcripts in preparation for discourse analysis.

Polish interpreting for medical appointments in London

The necessity for Polish interpreting in London is largely due to the vast increase of Polish speakers residing in our capital in the last decade. Consequently, we are experiencing more and more requests for our Polish interpreters, especially for medical appointments.

Extra help to fulfill our English transcription service

We are looking for more English transcribers, transcriptionists and typists to join our team

French Subtitles for Advertising

We’ve undertaken a huge number of projects, involving a variety of different European languages. However, one of our more significant larger projects has involved working with French videos, to produce English subtitles.

Embrace the Spanish market

Why don’t more companies translate their product or service information into Spanish?

French to English subtitles of classic films

Best French films to produce French to English subtitles

Face to face or telephone interpreting?

Telephone interpreting is an efficient and affordable method of communicating. It allows people to communicate across different languages in a matter of seconds through the simple use of a telephone.

Korean language pop song a huge success in USA

The rise in popularity of the Korean language in USA coincides with a rise in the number of requests for our Korean translation, interpreting and transcription services.

French transcription of audio and video – Mais pourquoi?

Today, technology is all around us. We are able to access media, whether it be music, podcasts or videos from just about anywhere, meaning that we are always connected to the world and its current affairs and trends.

Hebrew transcription of oral histories

Knockhundred has been briefing its team of Hebrew transcriptionists on a possible new project. Hebrew transcription of oral histories

Manchester University’s transcription tips

Manchester University’s Realities centre has challenged many people’s view that transcription is a straightforward process that doesn’t need to be included in the project planning stage. This is why many students are taking advantage of the discounted rates we offer for a university transcription service.

Audio Translation from Portuguese to English in Manchester

Well known for its vibrant ex-pat Portuguese community, Manchester hosts a variety of events via InterNations. We wondered whether the existence of such a community organisation enticed Carlos to set-up as an audio-visual translator from Portuguese to English in Manchester.

University transcription service discounts

Although we offer a transcription service to universities in over 150 languages, we also have a very strong team of English transcribers. We know that every penny counts in academia, so that’s why we have decided to offer students a discount for our university transcription service.

BSL interpreters help children with hearing impairment

Our British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters have been in demand recently supporting children with special communication and language needs.

Life as a Swahili transcriber

Thomas is fluent in Swahili, English and Kinyarwanda and currently provides our Swahili transcription service. We wanted to know what life is like as a Swahili transcriber.

Pashto & Dari interpreters UK immigration fee waived

Afghan interpreters, interpreting in Pashto and Dari who served with British troops fighting against the Taliban will be able to stay in the UK for free, the home secretary has said

Personal Data and the English Transcription Process

With GDPR upon us, we thought we would look at some of the possible implications for our English transcription service

Chinese video direct translations inform market research

We’re receiving an increasing number of commissions from market research companies, where Chinese direct translations of videos are transcribed and studied, to give a better understanding of international consumer spending habits

Transcriptions for academic research

At first sight, transcribing seems to be a straightforward task of simply listening to what has been said, and writing it down. Transcriptions to be used as part of a piece of academic research can be more complicated

Spanish transcription service in Manchester

Working as a Spanish transcriber in Manchester. Spanish transcription service in Manchester

Polish subtitling service in Manchester

Working as a Polish subtitler in Manchester. Polish subtitling service in Manchester

English subtitles as a marketing tool

Do adding English subtitles improve your marketing opportunities? There is no doubt that the pros of adding subtitles to your video content heavily outweigh any cons.

Accessing a French interpreting service in London

The demand for French interpreters is exponentially growing year on year, and given that there are more and more French nationals migrating to the UK, particularly London, there’s no wonder why.

When English subtitles go wrong…

Most subtitling mistakes are inevitably made as a result of using speech recognition software rather than a human being. Producing subtitles via speech recognition is obviously cheaper and faster than by a human, but my goodness, the technology is not there yet when you look at the results.

How to produce perfect Arabic subtitles

Producing perfect Arabic subtitles is an artform. Working with languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu that read from right to left, admittedly have their own challenges when it comes to producing subtitles.

It’s all Greek to me!

The best way to produce an English translation of the Greek speech in videos or audio files.

English subtitles are not just for the hard of hearing

TV English subtitles may be primarily for deaf people or for those who are hard of hearing, but research has revealed they are used by six million people who have no hearing impairment.

Polish video SEO tips makes Knockhundred an authority

Knockhundred is an authority on Polish video SEO techniques

Zuckerberg’s Mandarin skills are an example to us all

For most businesses looking to export, China is surely an obvious starting point. As a relatively new economic superpower, no wonder Mark Zuckerberg made sure that he would be able to satisfactorily communicate in Mandarin during his visit in 2017.

Czech subtitling service

Being a Czech subtitler, the challenges of providing an accurate subtitling service, and usually having to work to very tight deadlines.

Pros and Cons of Telephone Interpreting

When our clients ask us about the pros and cons of signing up to our telephone interpreting service, we are always honest as the choice between telephone interpreting and face-to-face interpreting isn’t always obvious.

Interpreting resources in Bedfordshire

Bedford and the other towns in Bedfordshire are well served with fully qualified interpreters available in over 90 languages.

Direct translation from audio or video to English

Interviews are one of the most common methods used in qualitative research. Face-to-face interviews are the closest to the ideal standard, or the assumed best mode in which to conduct interviews. These interviews are standardly transcribed or translated.

Polish Medical/Pharmaceutical Translation

At Knockhundred Translations we are often asked to translate medical or pharmaceutical material into Polish.

Polish transcription – meet one of our transcribers

Working as a Polish transcriber, and the highs and lows of providing Polish transcriptions in just the right format.

Polish Interpreter Herefordshire

Working as a Polish interpreter in Herefordshire. We work with Polish interpreters based all over the UK, in towns and cities, but also in the more far flung regions of the British countryside.

Polish legal translation

We receive numerous requests for Polish translation and many of these requests concern legal documents. Private individuals often get in touch needing birth or marriage certificates translated, or sometimes it may be a family-member’s will.

Polish books that should be translated into English

We have been compiling lists of books that should be translated into Polish.

Polish Financial Translation

Poland’s economic progress has meant an increase in the demand for Polish financial translations.

Indian Punjabi interpreters in Bedfordshire

Demand for Indian Punjabi interpreters is high in towns such as Bedford, Luton, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Biggleswade and Sandy.

Is telephone interpreting always suitable for the occasion?

Choosing a telephone interpreter over a face-to-face interpreter in medical setting.

English transcriptions provide greater accessibility

People who are deaf or have a degree of hearing loss will obviously struggle to access any audio content on websites or elsewhere without assistance. Providing an English transcript to accompany the audio or video file will enable this group to access the recorded material.

Fascinating world of English oral history transcription

When we asked our team of English typists and transcribers to describe their perfect subject matter for transcription, guess what they said? The answer was oral histories. Oral history is the recording of people’s memories, experiences and opinions, essentially a living history of unique life experiences.

Arabic Interpreting in Nottinghamshire

We work with Arabic interpreters based all over the UK. Recently we’ve had a number of assignments in and around Nottingham, so I took the opportunity to ask one of our interpreters how things were going. Asim has been working with a higher education institution, interpreting for visiting foreign delegates.

Arabic subtitles and captions

Lately we’ve been receiving an increasing number of requests for Arabic subtitling from our corporate clients. We work with a number of international media companies, who regularly produce films which require subtitling.

Our Polish Transcription Service

Here at Knockhundred we receive more and more requests for our Polish transcription service.

Will British businesses relocate to the EU after Brexit?

Workers hesitated about coming to Britain after the fall in the value of the pound since Brexit vote. Most of his workforce are Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian

Polish Notarised, FCO Translation in Herefordshire

One of our most frequent requests is for Polish certified, notarised or FCO legalised translation.

How to access a Bengali interpreting service in Bedfordshire

With over 1,500 Bengali speakers in Bedford, it is not surprising that demand is high for our Bengali interpreting service.

We are looking for a new Project Manager for our team

We are on the lookout for a new Project Manager to join our team

Is Arabic localisation & website translation a challenge?

Firstly imagine what your own website might look like if translated into Arabic

Professional Direct Translation from Polish Audio to English

We receive lots of requests for Polish Direct Translation and these can be for lots of varied clients

The life of an Arabic interpreter in Berkshire

He had never managed to get a gig doing Arabic interpreting at Windsor Castle!

Translations of adverts, websites & press releases

We work for a large number of advertising, PR and marketing companies completing translations of adverts, websites, press releases, market research and other documents and digital material

Polish Transcreation & Translation – missed opportunities

With more than 53% of content written in the English language, non-English speaking countries such as Poland are not being targeted in their own language.

Polish subtitles and captions for Polish film

It’s almost impossible to sum up Poland’s contribution to world cinema in just a few titles but here are a few of the best Polish films currently available to liven up your cold winter evenings

Hate crime in Bedford Polish communities post Brexit

Police, Polish translators and interpreters are working closely with the Polish community following a string of alleged hate crimes.

Life as a Polish simultaneous interpreter and translator

Anna is self-employed and likes the freedom of being her own boss. She also enjoys meeting new people and visiting interesting places, both perks of working as a freelance Polish simultaneous interpreter.

The necessity for document translation

Uncertainty following Brexit vote prompts people to look at getting docs certified or notarised