Transcriptions for Postgraduate Research

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Transcriptions for Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate research is obviously a term that encompasses a huge variety of topics in different disciplines. Essentially, upon completing a Masters (or sometimes PhD) qualification, many academics move on to research, to extend their studies.

Graduate students undertake systematic investigation, which often builds on the research completed by their peers. The endgame is really to extend the overall level of knowledge (though one would inevitably be hoping for a breakthrough invention, or a scientific discovery!) The academic researcher will often conduct qualitative research. This is where observations are gathered of non-numerical data. Frequently, a number of interviews, or focus-group discussions are conducted, in order to gather background data for research. This is where Knockhundred comes in!

Our clients often conduct face-to-face interviews, recording MP4, WMV or MOV videos, or sometimes MP3 or WAV audio files. Once they’ve obtained all the necessary recordings, they simply send them to us, specifying exactly what’s needed. Most of our transcripts for researchers and university departments are pretty straightforward. Our clients will obviously need speaker labels, to illustrate who is conversing at any given time. They will also usually need time-code markers, either every 5 minutes, every 2 minutes or every 1 minute, so that it is quick and easy to reference a specific place within a given transcript. Our transcriptionists are experienced at producing transcripts in a wide variety of formats and depending on the project, we sometimes produce bespoke formats, to best suit our clients.


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