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While you’re here… Some quite interesting facts about the Farsi language.

Persian or Farsi is a member of the Western Iranian branch of the Indo-European language family. It is spoken by about 110 million people, mainly in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and also in Uzbekistan, Iraq, Russia and Azerbaijan. In 2009 there were about 60 million native speakers of Persian, and another 50 million second language speakers.

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Farsi Sample text

Farsi sample text
Calligraphic Version
Farsi sample text-2
Tamâm-e afrâd-e bašar âzâd be donyâ miâyand va az lehâz-e heysiyat-o hoquq bâ ham arâbar-and. Hame dârâ-ye aql-o vejdân mibâšand va bâyad nesbat be yekdigar bâ ruh-e barâdari raftâr konand.
Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Ye dust daram ke dust dare ba duste to ke dust dare ba duste man dust beshe dust beshe, to dust dari ba duste man ke dust dare ba duste to dust beshe dust beshi?

“I have a friend who likes to become friend with your friend who likes to become the friend of my friend, do you like to become friend of my friend who likes to become friend of your friend?”

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