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While you’re here… Some quite interesting facts about the Italian language.

Italian is the official language of Italy and is spoken by about 70 million people, primarily in this country. It’s the official language of San Marino as well, and one of the official languages of Switzerland, spoken mainly in Ticino and Grigioni cantons. The Italian alphabet is only 21 letters. Italian uses the same Roman characters as the English language… minus 5 of them. The letters j, k, w, x, and y simply do not exist in Italian, so if you happen to see them used in an Italian text, that means the word is borrowed from another language!

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Italian Sample text

Non so dove i gabbiani abbiano il nido, ove trovino pace. Io son come loro in perpetuo volo. La vita la sfioro com’essi l’acqua ad acciuffare il cibo. E come forse anch’essi amo la quiete, la gran quiete marina, ma il mio destino è vivere balenando in burrasca. Vincenzo Cardarelli, da “Poesie”

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Sopra la panca la capra campa, sotto la panca la capra crepa.
On the bench the goat lives, under the bench the goat dies.

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