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Literary translation is probably one of the most challenging forms of translation and we are delighted to be able to offer a very strong team of experienced translators.  The art of translating prose or poetry into or from another language is in some ways a lot less straightforward than translating an operating manual.  The technical translator must of course be familiar with the specific terms of his or her area of expertise, but for the literary linguist, the challenge is different every time.

To translate a book, script or piece of poetry from or into another language the linguist will need to know how to handle abstract language, find the right rhythm, idioms and adapt culturally dependent references in order to produce a piece of the work that works as well in the target language as it did in the source.  We would argue that literary translation is an art form in its own right.

Our team of literary linguists can also abridge, edit, proofread and prepare written texts ready for audio book production.

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Whom do we work with?

  • Published and not yet published authors
  • Script writers
  • Poets
  • Individuals and agents

What sort of material?

  • Books
  • Poetry
  • TV and film scripts
  • Drama
  • Audio book scripts
  • Fiction and non-fiction


Literary and book translation

Case Study.

2019 | Paragon Publishing
The books had been written by chefs, each having his or her own style of descriptions and tips. The chefs hailed from different countries, each with their own unique turn of phrase, challenging the translators to adapt culturally dependent references at every turn. The linguists really enjoyed this project, immersing themselves in the world of cookery.
  • Translation of cookery books
  • Books to be sold in supermarkets in various Asian countries.
  • Translation into Chinese, Hindi and Japanese
  • Localisation of ingredients, temperatures and weights
“Your team did an amazing job. Thank you.”

How is the cost for literary and book translation calculated?

  • The cost depends on the language(s)
  • The cost depends on the volume
  • Translation is calculated per source word of original content
  • Proofreading/revision is calculated by the hour
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We add new languages every day to our list of capabilities.  As fast as we build up a linguistic team able to deliver a particular service,  we try and add the details to our website so you can see what is possible.  We can already handle over 200 languages and the number is growing daily.  Head over to our languages page to find out how we can help you.

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