Data protection information.

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We understand the importance of keeping your data secure and we have a number of robust systems in place to do just that.

As an absolute basic, all members of our in-house team and our linguists based around the world must sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of working with us.

We are also happy to be bound by additional bespoke confidentiality agreements specific to particular projects.

When we send data or information from our systems, the data is encrypted end-to-end with 128-bit AES encryption.

The platform we use encrypts data in transit by providing up to 256-bit AES encryption along with support for forward secrecy, ensuring that deciphering intercepted information is impossible now and in the future.

256-bit AES encryption and dynamic key management ensure every access is logged, providing full auditing.

The system also uses redundant encrypted storage, meaning that copies of every file are stored on multiple servers to safeguard against data loss.

End-to-end security features meet stringent compliance requirements. The platform obtains a third-party audit to attest to its compliance with SSAE 16 security and confidentiality principles and confirm the design and effectiveness of its controls.

It complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield framework so that it maintains proper collection, use and retention of personal information. 

For some projects with particular requirements, we can use platforms such as Egress to move and share files and where appropriate, we can also set-up a dedicated secure Drive with tiers of access.

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