Interesting facts about Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year

How much do you know about Chinese New Year? Here are some interesting facts:

  • It’s a festival for quarter of the world’s population
  • The date of Chinese New Year changes each year
  • On Chinese New Year a new animal’s zodiac year begins.

While millions of people around the world are celebrating New Year’s Eve on 31st December, in China they have to wait another month before they can say goodbye to the old year. But anyone who has ever taken part in the Chinese New Year festival would say that it’s well worth the wait, with colourful decorations, dragon dances, delicious food, fireworks, and sacrifices to the ancestors, as well as the exchange of red envelopes and other gifts.

The date for Chinese New Year is determined by the Chinese lunar calendar and is different every year. This year it falls on Tuesday, 1st February and traditionally lasts for 16 days. And it’s not just celebrated in China – it’s also a holiday in countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to contact people during this celebration.

Although we’re currently still in the year of the Ox, we’ll soon be entering the year of the Tiger, which our in-house Chinese translator tells us is going to involve risk-taking, adventure and transformation, so it sounds like it could be a bumpy ride!

However, if you need advice on the different types of Chinese, where they are spoken, and how best to approach the Chinese-speaking market, at Knockhundred we can offer a one-stop solution for your Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese needs, so at least that part of the year of the Tiger will be smooth.

We understand how vital cultural awareness is for all our Chinese services, from document translations and subtitles to in-person and remote interpretations, and our in-house specialists are always happy to talk you through your requirements.

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