Portuguese transcription service for Manchester University

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Portuguese transcription service for Manchester University

Our Portuguese transcription service for academic research is regularly called upon by students and researchers from the University of Manchester. Working from either video or audio, our Portuguese transcribers and typists can either produce a same language transcript or a direct translation from Portuguese into English.

As Western Europe’s most multilingual city, studying Portuguese at the University of Manchester is a rewarding experience. Language study offers much more than just language fluency. Students will explore diverse aspects of the culture, society, history, politics and literature of the countries in which European and Brazilian Portuguese are spoken, helping them to develop intercultural awareness and communication skills – both highly valued by employers.

With placement options available at partner universities and in professional environments in Portuguese-speaking countries, a compulsory third year abroad gives undergraduate students unforgettable and invaluable personal and professional experience.

Although Brazil and Portugal share the greater part of the language, there are many variations in both spoken and written Portuguese. While Portuguese speakers from Portugal and Portuguese speakers from Brazil can usually understand each other, it is the pronunciation that is the main difference. In addition to the pronunciation of the vowels, there is the pronunciation of some consonants that’s also different, especially the S at the end of a word. In Brazilian Portuguese, an S at the end of a word is pronounced as SS but in Portugal, it is pronounced as SH. When students or academic staff approach us to transcribe their research material, our first question is usually to ascertain from which Portuguese-speaking country the recordings come. Portuguese is spoken as a main language in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Macau, Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe. Our Portuguese transcribers are adept at dealing with difference accents, and if necessary, we can match the country from where the recordings originate with a transcriptionist native to that country.

Academic discount

If you are currently a student or member of the academic staff at the University of Manchester, or you are based at another academic institution, you may be interested to know that we offer an academic discount for our transcription services. If you have some Portuguese interviews or footage and would like a quotation to have them transcribed or translated into English, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.


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