Translation of certificates into Lithuanian

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Translation of certificates into Lithuanian

We are still not sure why there has been an upsurge, but we do know that usually people have their certificates or other important documents translated when they planning to move or work in another country. We can imagine there are some very good reasons to choose Lithuania…

According to Culture Trip:

  1. Lithuania is one of the safest countries in the world.
  2. The food is delicious. If you haven’t already, try cepelinai, a fabulous potato dish
  3. The cost of living is relatively low. Lithuania is one of the cheapest countries in Europe in which to live.
  4. The countryside is beautiful with some superb national parks.
  5. The flora and fauna in Lithuania are harmless.
  6. Students in Lithuania graduate from universities without a huge debt.

We are regularly asked to translate birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, degree certificates, CVs and other important documents into Lithuanian. Depending on how the translation will be used, we are also asked to certify, notarise or legalise the Lithuanian versions. If you have any certificates or other important documents to be translated into Lithuanian, or if you would like to find out more about our certification, notarisation and legalisation service, do get in touch.


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