A Day in the Life of an Arabic Business Interpreter

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A Day in the Life of an Arabic Business Interpreter

We were keen to learn more about our interpreters’ day-to-life working lives, so we spoke to one of our Arabic business interpreters, to find out exactly what it’s like….

Knockhundred: So, you’ve been working with us for quite some time now, perhaps you could tell us a little about what your daily working life is like?

Omar: Well, to be honest it varies a lot… and I mean a lot. This last week I’ve been working with a big business based in the South (of England), so it’s working with overseas visitors, telling them about the things the company produces. With business interpreting, it’s usually consecutive… I mean consecutive interpreting…

Knockhundred: Sorry, can you explain what that means for our readers?

Omar: Yeah, so with consecutive interpreting, when I’m interpreting in Arabic, I wait until the Arabic speaker has finished and then I say what he’s said in English (or I work the other way round, into Arabic). It’s kind of like a relay. With simultaneous interpreting its different. You are verbally translating what someone is saying almost at the same time – with headphones, a booth… That’s really hard – a real challenge.

Knockhundred: I see, I get it. So could you tell us a little more about Arabic consecutive interpreting, for businesses?

Omar: Yeah, sure. So as I said, I was working in the South of England. I was helping overseas visitors, telling them about a product. I also had to help interpreting a presentation for them, which was really good fun. There were various question and answer sessions and a visit to the production site – it all went really well.

Knockhundred: Do you always work alone?

Omar: No, sometimes if it is a big business, and there are lots of Arabic speakers, then they need say, two or three Arabic interpreters. I have some colleagues who I work with regularly, every two months or so.

Knockhundred: And do you sometimes work for the same business, for repeat assignments I mean?

Omar: Yes, of course. Some UK companies already have a strong relationship with Arabic companies. So sometimes the same Arabic visitors come back, often there are several trips. In those cases, I often see the same people again, which is really good – we have a good relationship.

Knockhundred: Well, thanks so much for telling me a little about what it’s like. I know you have an appointment to get to, so I won’t take any more of your time. Have a good day.

Omar: You too. Thank you.

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