Why Italian is the language of love

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Why Italian is the language of love

As a project manager for Knockhundred, I spend a lot of time managing the translation of Italian audio speech into English, and in this context was fascinated to read about somebody who reacts to the sound of Italian speech in the same way as I do. Italian voices and the very sound of the language can quite literally reduce me to tears – with pleasure.

Breena Kerr writes, “It happened again the other day. I was walking down the street in my home city in the US when I heard it; a couple speaking Italian. I hurried to catch up with them, staying close so I could eavesdrop. From what I could understand, they were talking about remodelling their house. Not the most elegant topic. But the words sounded so beautiful that I cried. For hundreds of years, what is now Italy was divided into regional kingdoms and lacked a cohesive government with an official, administrative tongue. As a result, Italian was fashioned by the people who needed it to express themselves creatively. Writers and poets shaped its style and vocabulary over centuries, with beauty and sound as some of their primary considerations. But each region had its own dialect: Piedmontese, Romanesco, Napoletano, Siciliano, Lombardo, to name a few. But ultimately, it was Tuscan that prevailed.”

We promise not to cry if you decide to entrust us with your next direct translation of Italian audio into English text. We can provide direct translations from either Italian audio or video material into English, adding time stamps at any frequency you require.

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