French transcription of academic research

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French transcription of academic research

We’ve been approached by a number of UK universities for whom we undertake regular foreign-language transcription work. As the summer fast approaches and the end of the academic year gets nearer, research departments and postgraduate students alike have been bombarding us with requests for transcription and direct translation.

We’ve received quite a number of requests for French transcription and French direct translation into English too. Most of the material we’ve received relates to postgraduate research projects, predominantly interviews. In many cases, the material will be for qualitative research. In these cases, interview discussions are geared toward gathering specific observations that hopefully lead toward tangible conclusions. For example, this could be a project examining the life of a refugee in France and considering the effect specific political policies have had on their day-to-day experiences. In other situations, focus group discussions allow the researcher to record the shared experiences of a number of different people, which can then lead to different or more in-depth conclusions.

Since these projects are usually related to postgraduate research (PhDs and so on), they usually have relaxed delivery schedules. This is fantastic news for the Knockhundred Translations team, since it means that we can be pretty flexible in terms of cost, offering an academic discount for transcription service.

What’s more, the majority of the recordings we receive for these kinds of projects tend to be in MP3 format (though we do, of course, receive MP4 videos too.) One of the advantages of receiving audio files is that they are easy to move around in cyberspace and they are equally straightforward to load into transcription software, for our French linguists.

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