Document Translations for Turbulent Times

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Document Translations for Turbulent Times

With the Brexit debate constantly in the news and tempestuous times on the horizon, we’ve been receiving a steady stream of requests for document translations.

For the most part, we’ve been translating and certifying birth and marriage certificates (we offer certified translation, notarised and FCO legalisation.

Individuals based both in the UK and within mainland Europe who seek dual nationality have been anxiously calling and emailing us, in order to have their documents translated. We’ve received birth and marriage certificates in English, that need translating into a number of different European languages (predominantly into French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German). The documents have been sent to us by individuals who are hoping to apply for passports and often citizenship for those countries.

In addition, we’ve been receiving requests from EU citizens currently living in the UK, who need to have their documents translated into English. Most of these requests have come from Polish people who have lived in the UK for several years and are anxious to ensure that residency rights do not change, should Britain leave the European Union. So many of the requests have been for Polish document translation.

Given that the current political situation shows no sign of abating, we’re likely to receive more enquiries about the translation of personal documents!

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Should you require our help with Document translation do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our team will do their best to help you. We offer a Free Quote & File uploads service.


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