Translation of Kurdish videos

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Translation of Kurdish videos

It is an uncomfortable fact that upheavals around the world usually result in our translators in certain languages being called upon to translate video content into English.

Documentary-makers, news channels, journalists, academic researchers, media companies and charities approach us with video material, usually interviews, for translation. One of the most regular requests at the moment is to translate Kurdish video content.

Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji) is the largest dialect group, spoken by an estimated 15 to 20 million Kurds in Turkey, Syria, northern Iraq, and northwest and northeast Iran.

Central Kurdish (Sorani) is spoken by an estimated 6 to 7 million Kurds in much of Iraqi Kurdistan and the Iranian Kurdistan Province. Sorani is a written standard of Central Kurdish and adopted as the standard orthography of Kurdish as an official language of Iraq.

Southern Kurdish (Pehlewani) is spoken by about 3 million Kurds in Kermanshah and Ilam provinces of Iran and in the Khanaqin district of eastern Iraq.

We are able to provide time stamps at any frequency, from every sentence, every change of speaker, or every 10 seconds, to simple markers every 5 minutes. Working from the source Kurdish video content, we can even provide English subtitles.

Much of the video material we receive is filmed at various refugee camps and feature displaced families, or those caught in a war zone. The subject matter can be distressing, but also sometimes uplifting. Of course, it all depends on the content. Our experienced Kurdish linguists have been faced with a wide variety of subject matter and material over time and approach every project with sensitivity and professionalism.

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If you would be interested in our direct Kurdish translation service from audio or video files, or if our Kurdish to English subtitling service would suit your needs better, then do please get in touch and one of our project managers would be delighted to help.


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