Polish legal translation

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Polish legal translation

We receive numerous requests for Polish translation and many of these requests concern legal documents. Private individuals often get in touch needing birth or marriage certificates translated, or sometimes it may be a family-member’s will.

We are always able to translate, certify, notarise and even legalise any of these documents in record turnaround time.

We receive an increasing number of requests from solicitors for legal translation too. Sometimes a solicitor’s client may require their mortgage agreements be translated into Polish. In other situations, the solicitor may need us to transcribe and translate audio recordings into English. The transcripts may well then be used by the courts or by the police.

Media companies often need our help too. License agreements and release forms often need translating and since the crew often need to be ‘on location’ the next day, we usually have a very limited time-frame, in which to put everything in place.

Fortunately, we have an experienced group of project managers on-hand, to deal with your every request.

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