Russian transcription service for University of Sheffield

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Russian transcription service for University of Sheffield

Our Russian transcription service for academic research is regularly called upon by students from the University of Sheffield. Working from either video or audio, our Russian transcribers and typists can either produce a same language transcript or a direct translation from Russian into English.

The University of Sheffield’s language department takes its expertise in Russian seriously. “Russian, spoken by more than 250 million people worldwide from the northern tundra to the Black Sea beaches, is an international language of culture and commerce, and Russia remains a global political power.” At the University of Sheffield, you can learn the Russian language and about its culture together with array of exciting other subjects such as: Archaeology, Business management, Economics, English, History, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy or Politics.

Our input however is usually as part of a research project where we transcribe Russian interviews or provide a direct translation from Russian speech into English. Examples include a set of interviews conducted in Russian regarding attitudes towards climate change. In this instance, the researcher did not require us to provide a direct translation from the Russian speech into English. Separately, we have provided an English transcript from Russian video material with time stamps added every sentence. This was so the researcher could quickly identify the parts he was most interested in. For that particular project, we ended up providing English subtitles on the edited version of the Russian video.

Academic discount

If you are currently a student or member of the academic staff at the University of Sheffield, or you are based at another academic institution, you may be interested to know that we offer an academic discount for our transcription services. If you have some Russian interviews or footage and would like a quotation to have them transcribed or translated into English, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.


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