German transcription for pharma research

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German transcription for pharma research

We’ve been working in close collaboration with a major German pharmaceutical company over the last few weeks. Our client has been conducting extensive interviews with a select group of patients, to evaluate the efficacy of their treatment plans. The interviews (9 hours in total) have been transcribed in German and translated into English too.

The majority of the interviews were video recordings, recorded in MP4 format. Fortunately our client had compressed the videos before sending them to us, which was an immense help. File conversions can actually be quite time-consuming, so our project management team are always pleasantly surprised when clients have the foresight to ensure files are not gigabyte size! Around half the files, however, were delivered as MP3 audio files, which is our favoured format for audio transcription.

The German audio contained quite a lot of medical terms, so it was essential to ensure that the project was completed exclusively by our German medical transcriptionists. All the transcriptionists obviously needed to be completely comfortable with the content. Fortunately we were supplied with background material, including the names of the interviewers, medicines and so on, which meant that our initial German transcriptions were accurate, though for the sake of anonymity, the transcripts were all redacted too.

Once the initial German transcripts were completed, they were translated from German into English. Since there was quite a high volume of material transcribed (over 65,000 words in all) we needed a big team of medical translators to work on the material simultaneously. Most translators can handle in the region of 1,000-1,500 words per day and our team managed to turn around the project in ten working days, which we were really pleased with. Once the final copy was completed, then the material was checked, zipped and returned in record time.

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