Professional Direct Translation from Polish Audio to English

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Professional Direct Translation from Polish Audio to English

We receive lots of requests for Polish direct translation from audio, and these can be for any number of varied projects.

We will often receive a ‘last minute’ call from a media company, who’ve filmed a series of interviews or vox-pops. They may request direct translations (where the source language spoken needs to be taken from the source Polish audio and translated during the transcription process, often into English), of all the material they’ve filmed, before asking for some direct translation from Polish audio to English for the final edit. We may receive the material one day and it has to be back the next, which really puts our linguists under pressure. The recordings often need time-coding too, which may just be a case of simply adding a ‘marker’ every five minutes, or sometimes producing the actual subtitles within a few hours!

At other times, we may receive recordings in Polish, which need transcribing in English for solicitors, for courts or for other official use. We may need to certify the Polish transcripts too, depending on their intended use.

Need help?

We have a really strong team of project managers and Polish linguists in place so we are always able to meet the challenge. We can accept material in any audio or video format, so if you need our help with direct translation, subtitling or other Polish languages services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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