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English Transcription Services

English Transcription services could be easily overlooked, but it remains a key part of many organisations’ day to day business. Whether recognised or not, English transcription services are an important resource, the quality and accuracy of which can be essential. Compare it to the usual minute-taking that many organisations rely on. Multiple speakers, perhaps not everyone is speaking in their native language, “overtalking”, and complex subject matter could all contribute to inaccurate note-taking. Many organisations are opting to record their meetings, especially those taking place on Zoom, and having the results professionally transcribed.

But transcription is transcription services are useful in a multitude of ways:

  • English Transcription for Accessibility
  • Searchability and SEO Optimisation
  • Academic and Professional Applications

English Transcription for Accessibility

Transcribing meetings or content allows for ease of translation, should you require the content in multiple languages. Or, if you wish to engage individuals who may be deaf or hard of hearing, an accurate transcription which can be used to follow along, or indeed to be converted into subtitles.

Searchability and SEO Optimization

Transcribing audio and video content into text format can improve searchability on the web! Search engines rely on text-based content to index and rank webpages; so transcribing multimedia content can improve its visibility and relevance in search engine results. Additionally, transcripts provide users with the ability to search for specific keywords or phrases within the content. English transcription services can help you and your business to become more visible.

English Transcription for Academic and Professional Applications

Research and development often requires studies including focus groups or one-to-one interviews, the results of which must be noted down carefully. Rather than taking minutes which can take time and be inaccurate, especially if multiple people are involved, it is best practice to record such sessions and then commission a transcription service. A professional transcriber can record speaker names, timecode the transcript as frequently as you require for ease of reference, and take time to research any specific terminology to ensure that all relevant facts are recorded.

Or perhaps a conversation has been recorded for legal purposes and needs to be transcribed for court. This can have absolutely no margin for error so it has to be undertaken by a professional transcriber, especially if you need it certified for legal use. If you require certification of a transcription, you may want to read more here.

Quality and Accuracy

Nothing can compare to the accuracy a professional English transcription service can provide. Our transcribers will listen to the content multiple times, research terms to ensure they have captured the nuances of the conversation, and will ensure it is timecoded to meet your requirements. You can advise if names or places should be redacted for security reasons. All of our linguists are subject to our Non-Disclosure Agreement and are thoroughly vetted before any work is ever allocated. So you can rest assured your information is in safe hands.

If you wish to enquire about English transcription services, you can learn more by clicking on the link. If you require a transcription in other languages, we can help with that too; please get in touch with your requirements and we will be happy to assist!

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