Will British businesses relocate to the EU after Brexit?

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Will British businesses relocate to other countries in the EU after Brexit?

WB Chambers & Son is not unique in having employed a seasonal migrant workforce from the EU to pick berries on his farm in Kent.

This year, Chambers found it harder to recruit workers at the start of the season in June. Many workers hesitated about coming to Britain after the fall in the value of the pound since the vote for Brexit in the June 2016 referendum. Most of his workforce are generally Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian.

Farmers are growing frustrated with the lack of government guidance on how it plans to allow seasonal workers into Britain after Brexit. Farmers are looking ahead by selling some of their own land in this country and expanding their businesses into Poland, Romania or Bulgaria.

When we consider how many of our European friends are currently employed in the translation, transcription and interpreting business here in the UK, we can’t help but worry about the future and wonder whether we too should consider branching out into other EU countries.

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