English transcribers needed!

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English transcribers needed!

We are looking for more English transcribers and typists to help with our ever increasing workload.

If you are an experienced transcriber, or you have an eye for detail and are an accurate typist and would be interested in transcription work, we want to hear from you.

We have a wide variety of material for transcription including financial, legal, medical, general business, investigations, documentaries, corporate videos, academic research, call centres, artificial intelligence, oral histories, police interviews, human resources, market research, board meetings, social media and YouTube videos. You name it, we transcribe it.

If you would be interested in transcription work, you would need to be prepared to work on either video or audio material. The audio quality can vary quite a bit, and we have also become quite adept at transcribing accented English – from strong regional accents to non-English native speakers.

In order to carry out transcription work, you would need to have your own home office set-up – certainly a computer/laptop, good quality headphones and preferably a foot pedal.

Accuracy is of paramount importance both in terms of capturing the content, using grammar and spelling. If you decide to get in touch, we would ask you to complete a short test piece so that we can check that the quality meets the required threshold.

Work with us

If you would be interested in working with us, please submit your details via this form on our website and one of our project managers will come back to you with more details and the short test piece for completion.


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