Marketing Translations for the European Market

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Marketing Translations for the European Market

We work closely with a number of online clothing retailers, who advertise literally thousands of products, from trainers, to jeans to hoodies. Our clients often have their websites translated into a number of European languages, in order to reach as many potential customers as is possible.

Whether translating into French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese, there are some critical points that all our translators need to observe, to ensure absolute consistency in their product descriptions.

The brand name of a product pretty much always stays the same, so that it is not territory-specific (some of our older readers will perhaps remember when a ‘Marathon’ chocolate bar became a ‘Snickers’?) The actual product descriptions often have to be double checked however, since if the translations are too literal, they will not make sense in the target language. This is often the case where the description refers to the materials used or the manufacturing techniques – which may be used as selling-points. Fortunately we constantly liaise with both our client and our linguists, to ensure that the core meaning is always communicated effectively.

Once all the translations have been completed and have been returned to the client, our clients’ IT teams incorporate the translations into the foreign-language websites – an exhaustive (and exhausting!) process. Of course, we also cover website translations where the entire content is translated into European languages right from the start, but that’s another story!

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