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Japanese Transcription Service

Have you ever tried transcribing a piece of audio material? It takes longer than you think! Did you know that for every hour of source material, it can take around 4 hours to accurately capture what was said? Add in multiple speakers needing speaker labels, redaction guidelines, or poor audio, and you can imagine… It all mounts up. This is why many organisations will outsource their transcription requirements. Especially so if they are a multinational company with many languages to deal with. Take Japanese for example…. 

The Japanese Language

Japanese is a language with a rich cultural heritage. It is spoken by over 125 million people worldwide. Known for its intricate writing systems comprising kanji characters borrowed from Chinese, along with hiragana and katakana, Japanese is beautiful. But it’s complex. It possesses a unique grammar structure, with subject-object-verb word order and various levels of formality. This reflects Japan’s emphasis on social hierarchy and etiquette.

Japanese Transcription

Transcribing in Japanese can present challenges due to its writing systems, in particular the characters mentioned above – kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Kanji, in particular, poses difficulty as it comprises thousands of characters, each with its own meaning and pronunciation. Additionally, Japanese has various homophones, words pronounced the same but with different meanings, which can add complexity to transcription. This is why it is best to engage a professional language service provider for your Japanese Transcription Service. 

Academic and Professional Applications

Research and development often requires studies including focus groups or one-to-one interviews, the results of which must be noted down carefully. Rather than taking minutes which can take time and be inaccurate, especially if multiple people are involved, it is best practice to record such sessions and then commission a transcript. A professional transcriber can record speaker names, timecode the transcript as frequently as you require for ease of reference, and take time to research any specific terminology to ensure that all relevant facts are recorded.

Quality and Accuracy in our Japanese Transcription Service

Nothing can compare to the accuracy a professional transcriber can provide. Our transcribers will listen to the content multiple times and research terms to ensure they have captured the nuances of the conversation. All of our linguists are subject to our Non-Disclosure Agreement and are thoroughly vetted before any work is ever allocated. So you can rest assured your information is in safe hands. 

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