Arabic to English Subtitles for International Promo Films

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Arabic to English Subtitles for International Promo Films

We are working in close collaboration with a number of research institutions and production houses, creating Arabic to English subtitles for international marketing. There are some real challenges involved, but we’re so proud of our Arabic subtitling team!

Many of our most recent Arabic subtitle commissions promote institutions based in the Middle East. Since the videos are destined for a global audience, then the terminology is not usually specialist and there are usually very few queries with regard to translating the vocabulary used. There may be some acronyms which need double checking with the client, but this is a pretty straightforward process, so the Arabic speech can be subtitled in English relatively quickly.

Tight Schedules

The production houses whom we work with are often on a tight schedule, so we may receive a short promo film one day and the client may need the subtitles within 24 or 48 hours. Fortunately our team of Arabic translators are really experienced at producing English content in record time, so we are almost always able to streamline the process and create the English SRT files within a very short period of time. If the deadline is super tight, we are also able to return the files with the subtitles embedded in the video, as our tech team are always on hand to help!

Should you require our help with Arabic to English subtitles do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our team will do their best to help you. For a free quotation do please get in touch.


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