Multilingual Subtitles for a Global Workforce

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Multilingual Subtitles for a Global Workforce

With increasing globalisation, companies frequently have different divisions all over the world. And when businesses have staff working in different countries, then there is a real need to ensure that everyone, in every territory, is up-to-date with company developments. Big business has become increasingly aware of this need to communicate with staff, so many businesses now commission multilingual subtitles for their video content.

Subtitling video content certainly offers several distinct advantages to the client. When subtitles are commissioned in multiple languages, then it is obviously possible to reach out to a much larger target audience. This means that staff can learn about company developments and overall performance, irrespective of which territory they are based in.

Having on-screen text is obviously accessible to everyone, hearing or hearing-impaired and it is much cheaper to produce subtitles than it is to commission voice recordings, to then dub a recording.

The process of producing foreign language subtitles itself is also often much faster than attempting to dub media with audio content. It is obviously an involved process, to produce foreign language text for video. An appropriately skilled linguist obviously needs to be able to translate the content and compress meaning into short sentences with frequent time-codes. It’s a real challenge and indeed a technical skill. However, when this is weighed against the time it would take to commission voice actors to accurately record the audio and then dub this to the media content, subtitles are the obvious choice!

Here at Knockhundred we offer subtitling to and from (almost!) any language. It is one of our specialisms.

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