Welsh Translation Error Leads Drivers to “Town Egg Gas”

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A recent blunder on the roads of Monmouthshire left drivers scratching their heads as a Welsh translation error directed them to “town egg gas” instead of the intended destination, Monmouth.

Spotting the Welsh Translation Error

Spotted near the Usk Interchange on the A449, the error stemmed from a translation misspelling of “Trefynwy,” the Welsh name for Monmouth, as “Trefwynwy,” translating bizarrely to “town egg gas.”

Welsh Public Reaction

The mishap caught the attention of Andrew Ellis, who snapped a photo of the sign and shared it on social media, humorously remarking, “We have spelt the name of our own town wrong.” David T C Davies, Welsh Secretary and Conservative MP for Monmouth, expressed his disbelief, labelling the error as “ludicrous.”

Government Response

Responding to the blunder, a spokesperson from the Welsh government assured that arrangements were underway to correct the sign and that a review of other signage in the vicinity was also in progress.

Welsh Translation – Past Incidents

This incident isn’t an isolated one. In a similar episode last July, Cardiff drivers found themselves led astray due to another Welsh translation mishap. Additionally, a mix-up between the drink “squash” and the sport “squash” at a Tesco supermarket in March of the previous year also garnered attention and apologies.

These instances serve as reminders of the importance of accurate Welsh translation, particularly in multilingual regions. They highlight the need for thorough proofreading and quality assurance processes to prevent such errors from causing confusion and inconvenience.

As travellers navigate through diverse linguistic landscapes, ensuring precise Welsh translations not only facilitates seamless communication but also avoids unintentional amusement or confusion along the way.

In the case of Monmouth’s “town egg gas,” while it may elicit a chuckle, it underscores the significance of linguistic accuracy in signage, lest drivers find themselves on unexpected culinary adventures.

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More info on the Welsh government responsibilities for road, rail, cycling, walking and transport can be found here.


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