English transcription for University of Bristol

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English transcription for University of Bristol

We’ve been receiving a number of requests from undergraduates and postgraduate research students at the University of Bristol, who are taking advantage of our university transcription service. The majority of requests have been for English transcription, but we do obviously offer transcription in many, many other languages.

The majority of our most recent projects have involved transcribing focus group interviews, round table discussions and recorded lectures. We do, of course, also work on transcribing research interviews and theses too, though obviously different commissions arrive at different times in the year (indeed there is often a rush before final submission dates!)

The focus group interviews that we’ve been working are really fascinating and will doubtless contribute toward some excellent postgrad theses. The round table discussions can prove a real challenge for our team to transcribe accurately though, as there can be a large number of speakers and audio quality varies considerably! Perhaps the most interesting are the recordings of lectures. Our transcription team quite often express a preference for working on the lecture transcriptions, as the content is always so interesting.

Of course our clients’ research material is not always recorded in English. We frequently receive commissions for direct translation into English, these are often in other European languages, such as French, Spanish, German and Italian.

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Should you wish to use our University transcription service, or more specifically, should you require our help with Discourse analysis and university transcription service or if you are a student with recordings in French and wish to use our French Transcription Service or indeed ANY other language, please contact us for a quotation and our team will do their best to help you.


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