Something lost in Welsh translation!

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Something lost in Welsh translation!

A recent BBC news story caught our eye, where a faulty Welsh translation promised a little more than could be delivered…

Apparently an Asda store in Cwmbran recently displayed a sign saying ‘Alcohol am ddim’. Whilst the sign should have read as ‘Alcohol free’, it actually meant ‘free Alcohol’! When advised of the error, the Asda store quickly changed the sign. Unfortunately there was no free alcohol available for customers.

We often hear of similar schoolboy errors when working on Welsh translation projects, and sometimes when a client has commissioned Welsh subtitles too. Usually the need for speed has overtaken all other considerations and something hasn’t been proofread properly. Or sometimes, in the worst case scenario, corners have been cut and the translation hasn’t actually been completed by a qualified linguist.

Here at Knockhundred we are strongly aware of the need for quality. Our clients expect top-notch translations and we never cut corners. We only work with appropriately qualified and experienced linguists.

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