Japanese Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations for Pharma

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Japanese Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations for Pharma

Japan is certainly a significant player in the world pharma market, closely following the US and China. With an aging population, there is real demand for all kinds of medicines and the Japanese market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Major pharmaceutical companies, aware of the potential the market represents, are keen to facilitate sales of their products in Japan. The end result is that we’re receiving commissions for English to Japanese translations of material relating to existing drugs.

In addition, since Japan also represents an important market for the launch of new drugs, companies are requesting the translation of product materials relating to new pharmaceuticals.

Medical translations are something of a specialism, demanding an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology; the names of medicines and the parts of the body and the names of illnesses. Medicine obviously has multiple branches and specialisms too. It is clearly a challenging are for Japanese translators!

Our medical translators are always native Japanese speakers, fully and appropriately qualified and have relevant medical experience.

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